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Shipping $36,000 worth of Japanese candy

Date: 2012 January 14 18:58

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Every otaku loves Japanese snacks and confectionery, what makes it more interesting is finding out how much some people like it. The owners of Candy Japan have posted an interesting article about how they're selling $36,000 worth of Japanese candy over 6 months. The site has been up and running for a year and has a very simple business model. You subscribe to them for $24 a month and they send you two envelopes with sugary treats each month. Currently they have just under 300 subscribers.

This makes us wonder, is it a viable long term business? Can you get more candy for $24 a month from J-List's Candy section instead? Or is the random element of Candy Japan part of the fun?

Update: J-List have confirmed that they sell more candy than that, around $50,000 worth a month. So it goes to show there is good money in sweet Japanese things.

Source: Bemmu\'s Blog - I make stuff
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