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Our Mission

Animenation has a mission to be the best anime source in the world!

AnimeNation is going to strive to be a leader in every area of the industry. AnimeNation will expand and promote the anime market worldwide, by having the highest customer satisfaction, the most products, and up-to-date industry news and information. AnimeNation will be the largest fan-based community by providing tools that enable fans to participate in, and learn more about, anime and the anime industry. AnimeNation for fans by fans.

About the Company

Established in 1995 with a single web page, AnimeNation® quickly grew into one of the first and largest online retailers of anime and related products. Built on the philosophy of superior, knowledgeable customer service, and the largest online selection of anime, AnimeNation® is recognized worldwide as a place where fans can not only buy their anime goods, but can meet, discuss, and share their hobby with others.

Over the years, AnimeNation® has grown and continues to be an exciting company, expanding into licensing and distribution. Operations are managed from our 14,000 foot distribution facility in Tampa, Florida, which ships thousands of orders all over the world each month. The online AnimeNation® community, including shopping, news, email, forums, and fan-built multimedia archive, receive over 15 million page views per month. Our online store carries about 8000 different anime products. The 'Anime Book', our annual catalog, ships to thousands of customers, and includes not only products, but interviews, fan art, convention listings and other industry resources.

Our commitment to our customers, and our goal of promoting and fostering anime, remain top priorities in our continued development and expansion. We stand behind our service, and guarantee satisfaction with our products.

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