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Otaku News - PSP Edition
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Otaku News - PSP Edition
  Genki Gear Reveal Exclusive Design for MCM London Comic Con October 2016
Japan Matsuri in London September 2016 Details
Makoto Shinkai's Your Name UK Cinema Screening Details
Sherlock: A Study in Pink Manga Release Date
Crunchyroll and Funimation announce content partnership
Scotland Loves Anime 2016 Details
Makoto Shinkai's Your Name at the BFI and Nationwide in the UK
Anime Producer Reo Kurosu Guest of Honour at MCM Scotland Comic Con 2016
Hyper Japan Christmas Market 2016 Details
Manga Jiman 2016 Competition Details
Kiki's Delivery Service gets a New Theatrical Adaptation in London Over Christmas 2016
Akira to hit UK Cinemas in September 2016

Otaku News - PSP Edition
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