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Otaku News - PSP Edition
  Fascinating Tokusatsu Museum on NHK World
Cowboy Bebop launches on Hulu
Trouble for DMP's Tezuka Kickstarter projects?
MCM Comic Con Plans for 2015
Viral sensation Riusuke Fukahori Exhibits in London 11-21 December 2014
The Story Behind Toyota UK's Manga Inspired Adventure
Patema Inverted UK Blu-ray and DVD Competition
Rurouni Kenshin 2: Kyoto Inferno UK Cinema Screening Details
Patema Inverted UK DVD And Blu-ray Release Details
The Kingdom Of Dreams And Madness UK DVD Release Details
NEO Magazine Is 10 Years Old
Hayao Miyazaki Box Set Blu-ray UK Release Details

Otaku News - PSP Edition
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