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Otaku News - PSP Edition
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Otaku News - PSP Edition
  An Interview With Manga Artist Junko Mizuno
Toyota to launch Manga Inspired Adventures at the MCM London Comic Con
A Brief History of Manga Talk in London November 2014
TRSI reaches agreement with Sunrise to release Gundam franchise titles
Yen Press NYCC licence roundup
Junko Mizuno at the London Comica Festival 2014
Genki Gear MCM London Comic Con October 2014 T-shirt Line Up
The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness Australian release details
Japan Matsuri in London Saturday 27th September 2014
Attack On Titan Part 1 UK Blu-ray Competition
Gekiga: Alternative Manga Exhibition in London
Attack On Titan Part 1 Out Now in the UK on DVD and Blu-ray

Otaku News - PSP Edition
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