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Otaku News - PSP Edition
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Otaku News - PSP Edition
  MCM Expo Group 2016 Visitor and Exhibitor Numbers
An interview with Psycho-Pass Director Naoyoshi Shiotani
Your Name Breaks Box Office Records
Original Ghost in the Shell Manga Re-release Details
Makoto Shinkai's Your Name Review
An Interview with Makoto Shinaki Director of Your Name
An Interview with Lindsay Jones and Barbara Dunkelman of RWBY
Over 130,000 visitors attend MCM London Comic Con
Manga Entertainment UK MCM London Comic Con October 2016 Announcements
Full Metal Alchemist Ultimate Boxset UK Release Details
Genki Gear Reveals Their October 2016 T-shirt Line-up
Kinmoza Classes in Japan with Caron Cooper of Fosse Farmhouse

Otaku News - PSP Edition
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