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World's Largest Collection of CardCaptor Sakura Merchandise

Date: 2018 January 4th Thursday [15:42]
Posted By: Joe

If you think your collection of anime merchandise is big then you might want to think again. Is it big enough to get a Guinness World Record? We've just heard from Sofia Pichihua a keen CardCaptor Sakura fan from Peru, who has the world's largest collection of CardCaptor Sakura merchandise with 1,086 items. Sofia writes for the Otaku Press blog (that's a name we like).

There are other collectors out there. Masao Gunji in Yotsukaido, Japan has the world's largest collection of Hello Kitty memorabilia with 5,169 items.

Can anyone else out there beat this? Do you have a large collection of anime merchandise that's worthy of a Guinness World Record?
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Details as follows:

CardCaptor Sakura Fan in Peru Gets Guinness World Record For Largest Collection

The Guinness Book of World Records awarded Sofia Pichihua from Peru with a certificate recognizing her as the owner of the world's largest CardCaptor Sakura memorabilia collection.

Pichihua works as a journalist in Andina news agency and she is a blogger at Otaku Press, an anime and manga peruvian site.

Pichihua began her collection as a schoogirl over 17 years ago. The largest collection of Cardcaptor Sakura memorabilia consists of 1,086 items including games, trading cards, action figures, calendars, stickers, comic books, DVD, and stuffed animals.

“I wanted to honor Cardcaptor Sakura,” said. The manga series celebrated 20th anniversary in 2016.

In order to get some of the products she travelled to Mexico and import items from USA and Japan. “Mi next dream is to travel to Japan and interview CLAMP,” said.

Among the most difficult products to get were items marketed since 1996 in Japan. The collection is valued at more than 15 thousand dollars.

Cardcaptor Sakura is getting a new anime series in 2018.

Source: The Guinness Book of World Records

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