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Links We Like Archive

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Date: Wednesday 11th August 2010 [13:53] | Posted By: Joe

Helen McCarthy's Blog
Date: Monday 5th July 2010 [17:15] | Posted By: Joe
Anime expert, writer, Ghibli fan, Helen McCarthy is all of these. You can read her blog here.

Lego Howl's Moving Castle
Date: Tuesday 10th November 2009 [11:34] | Posted By: Azure
A talented individual has made Howl's Moving Castle entirely out of Lego. Check out their Flickr stream.

Date: Thursday 5th November 2009 [16:16] | Posted By: Joe
Website of British Born Otaku with many interesting insights. Danny resides in Tokyo. He is currently living the otaku dream living and writing about life in Japan and it's many subcultures.

Emma Vieceli's Workblog
Date: Friday 26th June 2009 [18:25] | Posted By: Joe
UK-based comic artist and writer, you may have seen Emma's work in DFC, the manga version of Much Ado about Nothing, or even on Sweatdrop

Jet Arts
Date: Saturday 16th May 2009 [18:52] | Posted By: Joe
Feast your eyes on the gallery of Russian artist Dmitry Popov. He's artwork is clearly manga inspired. We love his Yumi artwork.

AnnaTheRed's Bento Factory
Date: Thursday 5th February 2009 [8:38] | Posted By: Joe
AnnaTheRed makes some excellent and artistic bento. She specialises in "Kyaraben" or "Charaben" (character bento).

Tokyo Mango
Date: Monday 19th January 2009 [18:01] | Posted By: Joe
Tokyo Mango is the blog of Lisa Katayama, who writes for Wired, io9 along with a few other blogs and magazines.

Totoro Origami
Date: Monday 19th January 2009 [17:31] | Posted By: Joe
Joseph Wu is really good at folding origami. His flickr page has a lot of interesting works including a great bit of Totoro Origami.

Date: Friday 2nd January 2009 [18:11] | Posted By: Azure
Weekly Shonen jump's official website now with English section. The site contains facts and trivia as well as downloadable manga and anime. It is currently possible to keep up with Bakuman the latest manga from the creators of Death note.

Schoolgirl Milky Crisis Blog
Date: Sunday 14th December 2008 [11:13] | Posted By: Joe
Anime expert Jonathan Clements has just launched a blog to promote his new book Schoolgirl Milky Crisis: Adventures in the Anime and Manga Trade, which is due for publication in early 2009. The blog has some interesting insights that will no doubt also appear in the book, even an article about writing the index for the book proves to be amusing.

Just Bento
Date: Sunday 23rd November 2008 [16:18] | Posted By: Joe
For fans of Japanese Bento Boxes, this site is packed full of cooking tips, recipes and other yummy ideas.

Otaku USA
Date: Sunday 21st September 2008 [20:05] | Posted By: Eeeper
Otaku USA covers all the bases that a growing otaku could need.

Engrish Funny
Date: Sunday 14th September 2008 [5:19] | Posted By: Spike
Engrish Funny contains a collection of the weird English commonly used in Japan, written by non-native speakers. Similar to those found on Engrish.com.

So You Want To Learn Japanese
Date: Saturday 26th April 2008 [11:42] | Posted By: Joe
It's an old article, but it's pretty much a classic in fandom. An brief list of why learning Japanese is a bad idea. ^_-

Life Meter
Date: Sunday 16th March 2008 [10:11] | Posted By: Azure
Video game art and comics blog.

Planet Karen
Date: Sunday 20th January 2008 [16:17] | Posted By: Joe
A great webcomic with lots of little anime references scattered around.

Haruhi head that can seeee youuuu!
Date: Thursday 13th September 2007 [7:29] | Posted By: Azure
The splash page for the Bandai Haruhi game is awesome. It's a Haruhi head that follows your mose pointer around! It's like she can see youuuu!

AmeCon 07 Opening Animation
Date: Sunday 19th August 2007 [17:54] | Posted By: Joe
Our chums at Makenai Team made the opening animation for AmeCon 2007. It's a great bit of work. ^_^

Date: Thursday 9th August 2007 [19:17] | Posted By: Joe
The personal website of Japanese web designer Masayuki Kido, it has some great things to play with like Missing Link and Pictaps.

A Day in the life in Japan
Date: Sunday 29th April 2007 [18:08] | Posted By: Azure
Great 30 min video put together by an English teacher living in Japan. Found via animeonline.com

Robert J. Lang Origami
Date: Sunday 25th March 2007 [14:58] | Posted By: Joe
Origami guru Robert J. Lang's site features some extremely complex and interesting designs, he is now a professional folding consultant, advising car companies the best way to fold their airbags. The contains some fascinating models, and details about origami mathematic, computational origami and other origami technology.

Date: Sunday 4th February 2007 [4:53] | Posted By: Joe
Everyone wants their own robot, and this one has that extra twist! It's controlled by the Wii Remote. They use it for playing tennis and wielding a real sword! Fun and very dangerous. Don't try this at home, unless you want to lose an arm or two.

Date: Friday 22nd December 2006 [5:26] | Posted By: Joe
It's one of those simple yet addictive things, basically you make a ski slope for the character to ride on by drawing it! There are no points to get or overall objective you just play linerider for fun. Nintendo DS and Wii versions are due for release in Spring 2007.

Wii Safety: The Missing Pages
Date: Thursday 7th December 2006 [3:46] | Posted By: Joe
With the dangers highlighted by the new Nintendo Wii controller flying uncontrollably around the household, after a few broken windows, TV sets and other injuries Nintendo issued some safety instructions, with the Japanese set being rather in-depth, the missing pages of which can be found here! ^_-

Wii have a problem!
Date: Tuesday 5th December 2006 [7:45] | Posted By: Azure
Ahhh let's all take a moment to mock early adopters, I'm not bitter I'm going to have to wait for my Wii at all. This site chronicles all the problems people have had with their Wii, broken TVs, and windows ahoy! Now repeat after me: "If I buy a major console at launch I accept there will be problems..."

Best 25 Gaming Tattoos
Date: Tuesday 5th December 2006 [7:26] | Posted By: Azure
Thelastboss.com takes us through the scary side of gaming fandom as we see what kinds of things get drawn permanently on their skin.

Date: Tuesday 21st November 2006 [9:11] | Posted By: Azure
All sorts of interesting things here! We like scribbler a gizmo that will turn simple sketches into complex works, the carol maker and the meditation flowers in particular!

Laura Howell
Date: Friday 10th November 2006 [16:53] | Posted By: Joe
Winner of the Print Cartoon Comic Category of IMAF 2006 with The Bizarre Adventures of Gilbert and Sullivan, her website contains some great artwork along with her manga take on the operatic duo.

Date: Wednesday 20th September 2006 [15:54] | Posted By: Azure
Th website of a talented Korean artist who makes some pretty advanced flipbook animations. Be sure to check out 'Robot Fight', 'Dragonball' and 'Evangelion'!

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