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Inu-Oh UK and Ireland Cinema Screening Details

Date: 2022 August 16 19:51 | Posted By:

Category > Anime > Film

Anime has returned to the cinemas and Anime Limited have gone on a spree of screenings recently. They've just sent us details for Inu-Oh the latest cinematic offering from Masaaki Yuasa, whose other works include the eccentric Night is Short, Walk on Girl, Lu over the Wall, Ride Your Wave and Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! (along with many more other fantastic work).

Inu-oh tells the story of a young man who aspires to be a performer, but is shunned because of his unique physical appearance, he then encounters blind biwa priest Tomona. The two join forces and rise to stardom...

To be honest they had us at Masaaki Yuasa. His works are just excellent and have a kind of special eclectic energy to them.

Inu-oh hits cinemas in the UK and Ireland from Wednesday 28th September 2022.

Read More... | Souce: Inu-Oh UK and Ireland Screening Website

Mobile VTuber Creation App CUSTOMCAST Now Available in Europe

Date: 2022 August 10 19:21 | Posted By:

Category > Gaming

We've just received an interest press release from the good folks at CUSTOMCAST. Their V-Tuber Creation App is now available in Europe on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. The app allows you to create and act out as a V-Tuber. It's to download and use, with payment required for unlocking extra items and gestures etc. Members of the CUSTOMCAST official channel (which costs 500 JPY a month) will also receive perks such as customizable poses and exclusive outfits.

There's also a Nekopara Collaboration where you can buy costumes for various characters from the franchise.

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My Hero Academia Season 6 comes to Crunchyroll this October 2022

Date: 2022 August 09 18:36 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks from anime streaming giant Crunchyroll have sent us details about the streaming release of My Hero Academia Season 6. The latest series will arrive on the streaming service from October 2022. Lots of action is promised as Tomura is now in charge of even more villains and is set for some good up coming conflict!

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Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko Movie Review

Date: 2022 August 08 19:41 | Posted By:

Category > Anime > Film

It really is a great summer of cinema for anime fans in the UK and Ireland. Thanks to the good folks at Anime Limited their latest cinematic offer will be Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko which hits screens around the UK and Ireland on Wednesday 10th August 2022.

We really enjoyed this movie and suggest you go an catch it on the big screen while you can, but enough of that, read our review to find out why we think it's worth your time.

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Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko UK and Ireland Cinema Screening Details

Date: 2022 July 27 16:16 | Posted By:

Category > Anime > Film

The good folks from Anime Limited have just sent details for their next cinematic outing. Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko is to to arrive at cinemas across the UK and Ireland on Wednesday 10th August 2022. The quirky slice of life movie follows the local adventures of Nikuko a brash single mother who lives with her daughter on a moored house boat. Nikuko makes a living at the local grill house, while her daughter Kikuo just wants to fit in and lead a (relatively normal life).

The story is kind of a mix of slice of life, with a bits of coming of age and just it's own heart warming eccentricity. We've seen this film and can confirm it's worth watching. Catch it on the big screen while you can by visiting to find a screening near you.

Read More... | Souce: Fortune Favors Lady Nikuko UK Website

The Deer King Movie Review

Date: 2022 July 25 18:57 | Posted By:

Category > Anime > Film

The Deer King is set to hit cinemas around the UK from Wednesday 27th July 2022 thanks to the good folks from Anime Limited. The movie marks the directorial debut of veteran animator Masashi Ando. Is the action adventure worth seeing? Well read on to find out!

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Square Enix Manga & Books Reveals New Books Coming Spring 2023

Date: 2022 July 24 14:13 | Posted By:

Category > Manga

The good folks from Square Enix Manga & Books have sent us their upcoming release slate for spring 2023. Headlining their releases is the Chocobo and the Airship: A Final Fantasy Picture Book. The English translation has lots for fans of the series. Along with some nice looking NieR: stuff.

Square Enix will also be releasing My Clueless First Friend a slice of life comedy series with a chalk and cheese element of a gloomy friend and a cheerful friend having a fun and memorable summer together. It's due out March 7, 2023.

While from Hiromu Arakawa, the creator of Fullmetal Alchemis, we have Daemons of the Shadow Realm a fantasy adventure about n a world where certain humans command mighty supernatural duos called Daemons we follow young Yuru as he is unexpectedly whisked away from his village and becomes aware of his supernatural birthright. This is due out on April 25, 2023.

Read More... | Souce: Square Enix Manga & Books

Goodbye, DonGlees! UK Premiere at the 75th Edinburgh International Film Festival

Date: 2022 July 20 19:57 | Posted By:

Category > Anime > Film

The good folks from Anime Limited have sent us details about Goodbye, DonGlees!. The film is a coming of age story about a group of teens and their little adventures which they've called Don Glees.

This film sounds very promising, not least as it's from Atsuko Ishizuka who directed the truly wonderful A Place Further Than the Universe anime series. We can't overstate how much we enjoyed the teenage antics and quest to get to Antarctica of this heartfelt series. To be honest the press release had as at that. If Goodbye, DonGlees! is half as good a A Place Further Than the Universe we're going to be in for a real treat. We're considering booking some train tickets to shoot up to Edinburgh just to see it.

The film's UK Premiere is due to hit the 75th Edinburgh International Film Festival on Tuesday 16th August 2022 and will be shown again on Friday 19th August 2022. It will also receive a wider theatrical release in the UK and Ireland later this year.

Read More... | Souce: Anime Limited

Crunchyroll Reduces Monthly Subscription Price in Nearly 100 Countries including UK and Ireland

Date: 2022 July 18 19:32 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks from anime streaming mega service Crunchyroll have just announced they're reducing their monthly subscription price for almost 100 countries and territories including the UK and Ireland.

In the UK, Mega Fan will change from £7.99 to £5.99 GBP and in Ireland, Mega Fan will change from €9.99 to €6.49 EUR.

All subscription tiers allow you to watch ad free content, while the basic fan tier allows you to watch Crunchyroll on one device at a time, the Mega Fan tier allows off-line viewing and for 4 devices simultaneously.

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Murasaki Yamada's Talk to My Back Manga Release Details

Date: 2022 July 12 19:57 | Posted By:

Category > Manga

The good folks from publisher Drawn & Quarterly have sent us details about their latest release. Yamada Murasaki's Talk to My Back is pitched as a celebrated masterwork shimmering with vulnerability from one of alt-manga's most important female artists. We're looking forward to reading this one as Drawn & Quarterly always publish interesting manga titles.

The book is out now from all good booksellers. ISBN : 9781770465633

You can also order it from or

Read More... | Souce: Drawn & Quarterly

One Piece Film: Red - Comes to UK and Ireland Cinemas This Autumn 2022

Date: 2022 July 06 20:57 | Posted By:

Category > Anime > Film

The good folks from Anime Limited have just announced that they'll be bringing the latest One Piece movie to the UK and Ireland. Titled One Piece Film: Red it's an original story by One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda.

The movie is the 15th feature film from the hugely successful franchise and will hit cinemas this Autumn 2022.

Read More... | Souce: Anime Limited

Learning Platform CLASS101 Provides Anime Style Digital Art Classes

Date: 2022 June 30 19:19 | Posted By:

Category > Websites

We've just been sent details from South Korean learning platform CLASS101. It allows users to enroll and take classes from some of the top industry professionals, including music, animation, photography, dance, fitness, and many more. In the realm of digital art, learners interested in Anime can sign up for classes led by Kamochiruu and Chaesu, as well as learn to draw in the style of Marvel and DC from InHyuk Lee.

Read More... | Souce: Class101

An Interview with Belle Virtual World Designer Eric Wong

Date: 2022 June 29 19:52 | Posted By:

Category > Interviews

The amazing anime film Belle is out on home video this week (from Monday 27th June 2022). To celebrate it's release we got in touch with Eric Wong, the designer of Belle's virtual world of "U". Wong, a full time architect, was asked by Oscar-nominated, visionary director Mamoru Hosada to create the virtual world "U" that provides the backdrop for the film BELLE. Wong sketched out his dazzling "U" world during his daily commute, creating a labyrinthine wonder for this timely re-imagining of the classic Beauty and the Beast tale, the story of Suzu, a country girl who becomes a music sensation in the virtual world of "U" with the mesmerising avatar Belle.

Thanks to the good folks at Anime Limited we were able to ask Eric some questions behind what it takes to create a virtual world while existing in the real one.

Read More... | Souce: Otaku News

Pompo The Cinephile Review

Date: 2022 June 23 16:36 | Posted By:

Category > Anime > Film

Pompo The Cinephile hits screens across the UK and Ireland next week courtesy of the good folks at Anime Limited. We've been lucky enough to catch this joyous film. So have written up a review for you to decide if it's worth watching (psst, it is).

Pompo The Cinephile it in cinemas on Wednesday 29th June 2020. You can find a screening by visiting

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Hyper Japan Festival London 2022 Details

Date: 2022 June 14 20:21 | Posted By:

Category > Events

The good folks from Hyper Japan have sent us details of their festival for this year. Set to run from Friday 22nd to Sunday 24th July 2022, the UK's biggest festival of Japanese culture, returns to London at Evolution Battersea Park.

The long running Japanese culture festival has been popular with fans of Japanese food from street food to fine dining, along with fans of pop culture where you'll get a great chance to see many performers. Pretty much every aspect of Japanese culture is represented, including of course anime and manga.

To get an idea of what to expect why not take a look at all their exhibitors Be warned as Otafuku Sauce will be there (we have a strong addiction to their okonomi sauce)! Also don't forget to check out their list of performers.

We're looking forward to the fun that will be had at the 2022 festival! It's always fun to go Hyper Japan.

Read More... | Souce: Hyper Japan 2022

Lost Lad London Volume 1

Date: 2022 June 08 19:26 | Posted By:

The whole of London is shocked when the mayor is found dead on an Underground train, but perhaps none more than university student Al Adley. Though he took the Tube at the time of the fatal stabbing, he doesn't remember seeing anything unusual-certainly nothing to explain how a bloody knife found its way into his pocket that night. However, in spite of this damning evidence, Detective Ellis believes Al's claims of innocence. Now the two must work together to conceal Al's involvement and clear his name in the face of shadowy forces working to see Al take the fall for a crime he didn't commit...


The Deer King UK Cinema Screening Details

Date: 2022 June 06 20:11 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks from Anime Limited have sent us the details of their latest cinematic outing. The Deer King is set to hit cinemas around the UK from Wednesday 27th July 2022.

Based on the Japanese fantasy novels by award-winning writer Nahoko Uehashi, the original author of the celebrated Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit series. The movie is directed by Masashi Ando who has worked as Chief Animation Director on Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, and also an animation director on Your Name.

Along with Pompo the Cinephile in June, Princess Mononoke in the Barbican in August it looks like anime fans are set to enjoy a summer of cinema!

Read More... | Souce: The Deer King UK Cinema Website

Pompo the Cinephile UK Cinema Screening Details

Date: 2022 June 06 19:31 | Posted By:

Category > Anime > Film

The good folks from Anime Limited have got a nice treat for cinema going anime fans this month. Pompo the Cinephile hits screens around the UK from Wednesday 29th June 2022, both subbed and dubbed.

The film focuses on a fictional film studio in Nyallywood and their endeavour to make a movie. It's ode to cinema, it's art, craft and production. We've seen it and can confirm the movie is an understated joy to watch. There are no bad guys or villains, just a looming deadline and budget. If you can catch this in the cinema you should!

Read More... | Souce: Pompo the Cinephile UK Website

Azuki to Release Idol Manga Hikaru in the Light!

Date: 2022 May 30 19:53 | Posted By:

Category > Manga

The good folks from on-line manga service Azuki have sent us news of their latest manga acquisition Hikaru in the Light! by Mai Matsuda. The exclusive license is a story about pop idols and chasing your dreams. If you're curious about the title you can read a preview on Azuki.

The service costs $4.99 (USD) per month, along with a 30-day free trial and a discounted annual plan are also available. All titles on the service are available worldwide (expect for Japan) in English.

Read More... | Souce: Azuki

Crunchyroll Commission Anime Mural in London's Shoreditch

Date: 2022 May 18 19:22 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks from anime mega company Crunchyroll have taken marketing to the next level in the hipster central part of London by commissioning a mural in Shoreditch.

The hand painted artwork features mascot Crunchyroll-Hime along with promos for Spy x Family,
he Rising Of Shield Hero Season 2 and One Piece. The 14.5m x 6.6m mural is on Chance Street, near Shoreditch Overground opposite Box Park.

The mural was done by Global Street Art Agency who also did a great Belle mural in Camden this February to celebrate the cinema release of Mamoru Hosoda's latest film.

Crunchyroll would also like you know that they'll be screening Spy x Family and The Rising of the Shield Hero at MCM Comic Con London this May too.

We hope that anime murals become a regular thing in London! It's great seeing anime getting such prominent advertising in London.

Read More... | Souce: Crunchyroll

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