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Anime Limited To Distribute Suzume Movie Soundtrack

Date: 2023 February 01 20:31 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks from Anime Limited have just sent us some news that they have the rights to distribute the Suzume soundtrack. Makoto Shinkai's latest movie is due to hit cinemas in the UK and Ireland this April 2023. The director joins forces again with RADWIMPS to create the soundtrack for this film and also brings in Kazuma Jinnouchi.

Anime Limited are currently taking pre-orders for the Japanese Import edition on vinyl. It's currently priced at £59.99 (on offer from £69.99). An official western version is due for release sometime early Q3 2023.

You can also stream/download the soundtrack from many popular official streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music.

Although an primarily an anime company, Anime Limited are also a record label with an excellent catalogue of anime soundtracks.

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What's on NHK World?

Date: 2023 January 29 13:05 | Posted By:

Category > Anime > TV

Being a fan of anime, manga and Japanese stuff in general it's always good to find a great source of content. Most fans will hunt on DVDs and blu-rays for those extra features, read magazines and articles and various bonus features included in books and so on. They'll even read websites like this one, but one resource that we find that is frequently overlooked is NHK World.

NHK is the national state broadcaster for Japan. NHK World is it's international arm. It's content is available in a selection of languages including either dubbed into English or in Japanese with English Subtitles. The service is free to access and is available on a wide range of satellite and cable providers in the US, UK and further afield. You can also watch it free and legally on the website or app that's offered on many platforms including iOS (iPhone and iPad), Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android, Roku and more. You can watch the live broadcast or the video on demand service.

A lot of the content there is excellent for anime and manga fans.

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Crunchyroll UK Blu-ray and DVD Releases for April 2023

Date: 2023 January 23 21:01 | Posted By:

Category > Anime > DVD

The good folks from anime giant Crunchyroll have just sent us their UK DVD and Blu-ray release line up for April 2023.

Attack on Titan: The Final Season Part 2 gets a limited edition box set release, which includes a 24-page Digibook, 3 acrylic pins, 4 art cards, and 4 discs retailing for £99.99. With the regular editions retailing for £29.99 for the Blu-ray or DVD.

Also scheduled for release is Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest - Season 2 on Blu-ray for £34.99 or DVD for £24.99.

All these titles are due for UK release on Monday 24th April 2023.

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Azuki to Release New Shojo Comedy Manga I Fell for a Fujoshi

Date: 2023 January 21 13:20 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

For those of you who read Shojo manga, a new title is on the horizon. Digital manga subscription service Azuki announced today that the romantic comedy manga I Fell For A Fujoshi by Toako has been exclusively licensed for worldwide release in English.

The first two chapters will be available on the Azuki app on Feb 7th 2023 but a free preview is now available.

The manga was originally published in Comic Elmo, which previously published The Yakuza's Guide to Babysitting and Natsume & Natsume. The series is about a high school boy who confesses to his childhood crush. But after a misunderstanding foils his plan, he must pretend to be a fan of Boys Love manga in order to win her over.

The series will be available to read for free with advertisements but a $4.99 per month premium subscription that unlocks Azuki's entire catalog of more than 200 series is also available. If you're unsure of the price or content, readers the the option of trying out Azuki with a 14-day free trial.

If you're a fan of romance shenanigans, then it will be hard to pass on I Fell For A Fujoshi.

Reported by zanderlex

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Trigun Stampede Anime Review

Date: 2023 January 06 18:24 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

Highly anticipated new anime series Trigun Stampede hits streaming service Cruchyroll from Saturday 7th January 2023. We were lucky to get a sneak peak of the series and watch the first episode before it's released. So is Vash the same? Is the CGI animation any good? Well read our spoiler free review to find out!

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The Summer You Were There

Date: 2023 January 04 19:58 | Posted By:

Shizuku is a quiet, reserved girl in high school who decides to destroy the manuscript of a story she's been working on. But the story is found by super popular classmate Kaori and read by her. When Shizuku asks for it back so she can stop writing for good, Kaori suggests that they pretend to date each other for material for Shizuku's next book!


The Japan Foundation UK Touring Film Programme 2023

Date: 2022 December 24 11:20 | Posted By:

Category > Anime > Film

The good folks from the UK branch of the Japan Foundation have sent us details of their much loved Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2023.

Celebrating the 20th anniversary, this nationwide film programme will be touring to 24 cities, visiting England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme is the largest Japanese Film Season in the UK. It's set to start at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) in London from Friday 3rd February 2023.

For fans of Japanese cinema there's so much good stuff to enjoy. Fans of manga will also want to see the cinematic adaptions, including BL Metamorphosis, a story about a 17 year-old Boys Love fan, who introduces an old lady to the genre, friendship over fandom ensues. We read and really enjoyed the original source manga and a live action cinema adaption makes sense for the story.

We're also looking forward to My Broken Mariko as manga is good. But for something manga themed we're intrigued by Sensei, Would You Sit Beside Me? a story about a manga artist who discovers her husband is having and affair, so rather than confront him she decides to create a manga about adultery.

Anime wise there's Blue Thermal a coming of age tale about a university student who in search of romance accidentality joins the university's aviation club.

There's so many good films at the JPF Touring Film Programme, you're bound to find something that you'll really enjoy. The touring film programme is set to run from 3 February - 31 March 2023.

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Jump Festa 2023 Live Stream Details

Date: 2022 December 12 20:15 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks from Japanese publishing giants Shueisha Inc. have just sent us details of an on-line event. The yearly mega event Jump Festa 2023 will live stream for international fans. Set to run from 17th to 18th December 2022 the streaming weekend will cover content around Jump titles. The various events will have either available with English subtitles and simultaneous interpretation or just English subtitles. This is the first time the content of the Jump Festa will be streamed in English, so you'll get to see everything just like a fan in Japan too!

You can visit during that time to catch the content.

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Makoto Shinkai's Suzume UK and Ireland Cinema Release Details

Date: 2022 December 06 20:33 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks from anime streaming giant Crunchyroll have revealed that they have the UK and Ireland Streaming rights for Makoto Shinkai's latest film Suzume. The director is best known for anime box office smash hits Your Name and Weathering With You. Suzume is his latest offering in with the titular character must travel around various ruins across Japan closing doors that are the cause of devastation.

So far Suzume has earned 7.5 billion yen (approx. 55M USD) staying #1 at the box office in Japan for three consecutive weeks.

The movie is due to hit cinemas in the UK and Ireland from 14th April 2023.

Looking at the official trailer it's clear it has all the elements you'd expect in a Makoto Shinkai block. Detailed sets, bright blues, lush greens and golden sunshine. It's a look, an atheistic that has become the directors signature.

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Captain Corinth: The Galactic Navy Officer Becomes an Adventure Manga Release Details and Translator Interview

Date: 2022 December 02 19:34 | Posted By:

Category > Manga

Manga publisher One Peace Books have sent us the details about an up coming release Captain Corinth: The Galactic Navy Officer Becomes an Adventurer. It's an isekai manga with a twist, the space captain Alan Corinth crashes into a world of swords and magic. The manga is based on the popular light novel series. The art for this manga by Tomomasa Takuma while translation is from Laura Egan.

Captain Corinth will be available on December 13th 2022. You can pre-order from and and all good booksellers.

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Akira Kurosawa Retrospective at the BFI 2023

Date: 2022 December 01 20:28 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks at the BFI have sent us details for an up coming Akira Kurosawa Retrospective. Set to run from Sunday 1st January 2023 until Tuesday 28th February 2023. The hugely influential cinematic legend is well covered here, with the two-month complete retrospective of 30 feature films! Divided into 6 themes there's so much to enjoy.

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Anime Limited Announce New Titles for 2023

Date: 2022 November 29 19:22 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

Anime Limited teases new titles on its annual Cloud Matsuri 2022 YouTube event. The company showcased their up-and-coming releases for 2023, using their three-day Cloud Matsuri streaming event. All The Anime staffers Andy Hanley, Miles Atherton, Demi Rodriguez, Keith Copping, and Kat Hall were on hand to give their usual quirky and funny announcements. The releases are a mixture of new material and new remasters of previous releases.

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Blue Period (1-12 Streaming)

Date: 2022 November 24 19:19 | Posted By:

Yatora Yaguchi is a fairly popular student who excels in school, but secretly grapples with feelings of emptiness and frustration. When visiting his high school's art club he is inspired to pursue art. He eventually aspires to attend the Tokyo University of the Arts (TUA) after he graduates from high school.


One Piece Film: Red London Landmark Takeover

Date: 2022 November 23 20:44 | Posted By:

Category > Anime > Film

The good folks from Anime Limited have just sent us details of a One Piece Film: Red London Landmark takeover. On Saturday 26th November 2022 between 18:00 - 23:00 video projections of the iconic anime pirates will appear opposite the London Eye and other key locations.

This follows a similar bit publicity at London's Kings Cross and a recent take over of New York's Times Square.

Visit to find screening near you in the UK and Ireland or go to to enjoy the soundtrack.

You can also read our One Piece Film: Red movie review.

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Goodbye, DonGlees! Movie Review

Date: 2022 November 23 20:06 | Posted By:

Category > Anime > Film

Goodbye Don Glees is due to hit cinema screens around the UK and Ireland from 30th November 2022.

The anime film is a about a group of friends who have little local adventures they call themselves Don Glees. One day the trio get blamed for a nearby forest fire, so they set off into the woods to prove their innocence. A coming-of-age adventure ensues. We've seen the film and enjoyed it, but enough of that, read our review to find out more!

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Anime Limited Announces First North American Slate at Anime NYC

Date: 2022 November 21 20:32 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks at anime publishers Anime Limited have just announced their North American release slate. Headlining with vinyls they also have a few home video releases worth grabbing.

Announced at Anime NYC they've got Re:Zero -starting life in another world- OST on vinyl, Dr. STONE, Little Witch Academia all on vinyl OST, along with Macross Plus Original Soundtrack - Ultimate Edition Vinyl. This best of a set includes the OST, the OST II, along with OST Plus For fans only Sharon Apple: The Cream P-U-F.

They've got some nice collectors edition blu-rays, but we're most excited about A Place Further Than the Universe on blu-ray. For those unfamiliar, when Anime Limited do collectors editions, they really do mean it. Their releases often contain plenty of extras, sometimes books or post cards along with extra content too. They're really worth the money.

Anime Limited have also launched a North American newsletter to sign up visit

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Yen Press Announces Two Dozen New Licenses

Date: 2022 November 21 20:02 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

Manga publisher Yen Press announces at AnimeNYC their manga, light novels, manhwa line up, and more at industry panel.

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Laid-Back Camp The Movie Streaming Release Details

Date: 2022 November 16 20:11 | Posted By:

Category > Anime > Film

The good folks from streaming service Crunchyroll have sent us details of the up coming release of Laid-Back Camp: The Movie. The film will hit the streaming service from Thursday 24th November 2022. We really enjoyed the relaxing slice of life story in which high school girls go camping around various bits of Japan, if you like slower shows like K-On, this one is for you.

You can watch the official trailer, or catch up with the series before the movie streams.

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My Neighbour Totoro Stage Play Review

Date: 2022 November 13 14:07 | Posted By:

Category > Features

When The Royal Shakespeare Company announced that they were doing a live action stage play of My Neighbour Totoro, we got very excited. It had all the hallmarks of something great! It was done in collaboration with The Royal Shakespeare Company, Improbable and Nippon TV. Joe Hisaishi, composer and long term Studio Ghibli collaborator, is the executive producer tasked by Totoro director Hayao Miyazaki to bring his much loved and highly influential film to the stage. If this wasn't enough, Jim Henson's Creature Shop was brought in to create all the puppets for this production!

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One Piece Film: Red Opens with Over £500,000 at UK and Ireland Weekend Box Office

Date: 2022 November 09 17:01 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks from Anime Limited have sent us details of the weekend box office for One Piece Film: Red. The movie has earned over £500,000 in its opening weekend, becoming the biggest One Piece film in the UK and Ireland. It's always nice to see numbers like this for anime film.

In promoting the film in the UK, travellers passing through Kings Cross Station could also see the iconic straw hat on display promoting the film.

One Piece Film: Red is in cinemas now, showing in both Japanese with English subtitles, as well as an English language dub. To book tickets, please visit
Listen to the soundtrack:

You can also read our One Piece Film: Red review to find out what we thought of the movie.

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