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Akemi Tanaka 1959 - 2021

Date: 2021 June 12 12:56 | Posted By:

Category > Current Affairs

In sad news this week we learned of the passing of Akemi Tanaka. She died of cancer on Monday 7th June 2021. Many anime fans will remember Akemi as a lively ambassador of Japanese culture. She'd often attend anime events as guest to lecture and explain the world of Japanese culture. An expert in Japanese etiquette she'd often be a kind and eccentric presence at events.

When the 2011 disaster hit Japan Akemi set up the charity Aid For Japan to support the orphans of the earthquake.

Our thoughts are with her family and friends.

Read More... | Souce: Akemi Tanaka's Twitter Account

Discotek Media Announces New Licences for Q4 2021

Date: 2021 June 09 20:51 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

US anime label Discotek Media announced on Monday evening via Twitch they have licensed Shaman King, Super Dimension Century Orguss on blu-ray, Case Closed: The Darkest Nightmare, Lupin the Third: Part 5, Galaxy Cyclone Braiger on blu ray and Fatal Fury: The OVA Collection on blu-ray. They also gave updates for new releases coming from August 2021 onward.

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Small Totoro Honnori Lamp Review

Date: 2021 June 01 18:13 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

At Otaku News HQ, we don't often buy that much merchandise any more, mainly due to space limitations. With so many great items out there, it's easy to get carried away and we've become very selective.

Just by luck when browsing Twitter something caught our eye. It was this brilliant little lamp.

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Screen Anime Online Screaming Service Ends its Run

Date: 2021 June 01 11:08 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

Normally by now we would have posted details of June's line up for Screen Anime, the streaming film festival. However now with cinemas opening back up and (hopefully) things getting slowly back to pre-COVID normality the curated streaming film festival has run it's course. The festival lasted for a year! Which is impressive by itself.

Anime Limited are still offering some movies streamed via Crunchyroll each month in the UK, Ireland and the US. While those who are still members of Screen Anime would have received a digital gift card for the store via email, prorated based on the amount of time left in their subscription.

Anime Limited are also launching Anime (Un)Limited for £17.99 a year you'll get A 10% discount on all orders placed at the store (which will have paid for itself fairly quickly if you buy a lot of anime). A free copy of their glossy high quality magazine, plus exclusive products and offers for members such as vinyl variants or other unique products.

Additionally tickets are now on sale for LUPIN III: THE FIRST, exclusively in Showcase Cinemas on Wednesday 2nd June 2021.

Read More... | Souce: Anime Limited

Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train UK Cinema Release Details

Date: 2021 May 19 16:59 | Posted By:

Category > Anime > Film

As things start to open up in the UK cinemas are warming back up too. Funimation UK are getting off to a good start this year by releasing Demon Slayer -Kimetsu no Yaiba- The Movie: Mugen Train on 26th May 2021 across the UK and soon in Ireland too.

You can find a screening near you on the official UK website.

The TV series caused a massive spike in the manga sales and a movie was the natural progression of the franchise. The movie did rather well in Japan, becoming highest-grossing film ever at the Japanese box office.

In this feature film Tanjiro and the other heroes (plus the annoying Zenitsu) go on an adventure to investigate the death and disappearances on a steam train. Action ensues.

To be honest, we found the TV series incredibility enjoyable (despite the annoying Zenitsu). If you haven't already you can watch the series legally on Crunchyroll. We suggest you watch it before going to a screening (although chances are you've already seen the show so don't need to hear what we think about it). The show itself is a great mix of action, adventure, along with the importance of family and freeing your sister from being cursed to live as a demon.

Read More... | Souce: Demon Slayer Movie Offical UK Website

One Cut of the Dead: Hollywood Edition Blu-ray Release Details

Date: 2021 May 18 19:59 | Posted By:

Category > Anime > Film

The good folks from Japanese movie distributor third window films have just sent us the release details for One Cut of the Dead: Hollywood Edition

This special limited edition pressing is limited to 2,000 units. It includes One Cut of the Dead featuring 4 hours of content, including the spin-off film One Cut of the Dead in Hollywood.

We have seen the original One Cut of the Dead. All we'll say is watch it. Don't read any reviews, avoid any spoilers or plot synopsis. Just go in and watch it. You'll have the most rewarding experience if you do. It's a clever movie and also has plenty of rewatch value. We're curious to see what the spin off movie in Hollywood is like.

The all region blu-ray is available from Monday 31st May 2021 and will retail for £21.99.

You can pre-order it from

Read More... | Souce: third window films

Screen Anime May 2021 Streaming Line Up

Date: 2021 April 26 20:00 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

Streaming curated film festival Screen Anime have just revealed their May 2021 line up.

Headlining this time around is Tokyo Ghoul S, the live action follow up to the original live action movie.

Billed as classic, they've also go some old school anime in the form Belladonna of Sadness.

Under the festival favourite banner we're offered Psychic School Wars, while under curated Screen Anime will be showing The Relative Worlds.

For their TV billing we've got part 2 of Eureka Seven.

This line up is set to run from 25th April 2021 until 25th May 2021. The subscription based service costs £3.98 a month or £39.98 per year. You can also gift a subscription for up to a year.

Read More... | Souce: Screen Anime

Crunchyroll Team up with Anime Limited to Bring Movie Night at Homes Series from 1 May 2021

Date: 2021 April 21 20:21 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks at anime streaming service Crunchyroll have teamed up with anime distributor Anime Limited (aka All The Anime) to bring Movie at Home to Crunchyroll. The season brings a new film each month to Crunchyroll from Anime Limited's portfolio. From the 1st of each month each film will be up on the service for a month to enjoy.

Some of the shows are restricted to the UK and Ireland, while others are UK, Ireland and the USA.

The showcase kicks off with Penguin Highway from 1st of May 2021. They've got some great stuff lined up. Including Patema Inverted, Promare, Giovanni's Island, the delightful Mai Mai Miracle and some Makoto Shinkai films running from January 2022 until April 2022. This a great way to catch a movie you wouldn't always have a chance to see.

Read More... | Souce: Crunchyroll

Key Stateside Crunchyroll Talent Joins UK's Anime Limited in Expansion Move

Date: 2021 April 15 21:05 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks at anime distributors Anime Limited have just sent us details of their new hire and key leadership promotion.

The anime firm have announced that they've hired Miles Thomas as their new Chief Marketing Officer. Miles was previously at the anime streaming giants Crunchyroll for 8 years making waves as he expanded their social media network and setup the Editorial Programming department. He brings his industry and domain knowledge to an already strong firm.

Internally there's been a bit of a restructure with Jessica Poce having also been appointed Chief Operating Officer and Kerry Kasim has been promoted from her position as VP Marketing to the role of General Manager, UK and Ireland.

The details of the expansion plan aren't fully explained in the press release, they hint at expanding to other territories and verticals. Reading in-between the lines we're guessing they intend to expand their music offerings and maybe their streaming services, but we're just inferring this from their press release.

It's interesting to see the next stage in the anime industry as Manga Entertainment fades away as it gets absorbed into Funimation, which in turn also owns Crunchyroll.

Anime Limited has always had excellently presented releases. Their collectors and ultimate editions always contain a ton of extra content and are fantastically packaged (we're eager to get our hands on their upcoming release of Violet Evergarden). They've also always been good at cinema releases, bringing Your Name and Mirai to name a few to the big screens. Anime Limited have also gone the extra mile at events as they tend to bring guests from Japan to events like the MCM London Comic Con. We hope they continue with these core strengths as they expand and are interested to see what they've got planned.

Read More... | Souce: Anime Limited

Manga UK to rebrand as Funimation

Date: 2021 April 13 20:42 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

Venerable UK anime brand to be retired in favour of new parent company's identity, social media idents to be moved over to existing Funimation UK addresses.

In an announcement on its official blog, Funimation confirmed that their UK home video division, Manga UK, will rebrand as Funimation. The fan-favourite UK anime label will start changing over to its parent labels identity, starting with their website and social media teams. The post also states that Blue Exorcist and its Kyoto Saga retcon would be available to UK and Irish viewers to celebrate. The change is expected to be completed by May 2021.

Read More... | Souce: Official Funimation blog

Crunchyroll Spring 2021 Line Up

Date: 2021 March 28 14:19 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks from anime streaming service Crunchyroll have revealed their line up for Spring 2021.

It includes the return of old favourites such as the highly anticipated latest season of My Hero Academia, some new Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, Digimon Adventure and of course One Piece. Along with the conclusion of Fruits Basket, titled Fruits Basket: The Final Season (hmmm, a bit like Attack on Titan there).

New seasons include To Your Eternity, which we're curious to see how the anime adaption will compare to the manga. The intriguing ODDTAXI, plus a whole crop of different titles such as Tokyo Revengers, Zombie Land Saga Revenge (Season 2), The Slime Diaries, JORAN THE PRINCESS OF SNOW AND BLOOD, Don't Toy with Me, Miss Nagatoro, Osamake: Romcom Where The Childhood Friend Won't Lose, Those Snow White Note.

Read More... | Souce: Crunchyroll

Culture Gate to Japan Art Exhibition Opens Online and at Airports Across Japan

Date: 2021 March 27 11:11 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

We've just been sent some interesting details about the Culture Gate to Japan Art Exhibition. Set around the airports of Japan each exhibition focuses on a different aspect of Japanese art, history and culture relevant to each location. Kansai International Airport will be hosting a manga themed exhibition, which includes new works by artists including Yuki Urushibara (Mushishi), Machiko Satonaka, Yoshihiro Yamada, Yuichi Yokoyama and more.

But you can't get to Japan right now to enjoy this I hear you cry! Well the reason we're publishing this is the official Culture Gate website has lot of interactive content for you to enjoy from each exhibition online. So you don't have to go hopping around each airport of Japan to get exhibition experience.

We've been told "There are high-tech, contemporary artworks by 29 artists installed at eight locations across Japan. Each location's exhibition is inspired by the culture and history of the region of Japan it is located. From the mysterious soundscapes of Hokkaido's indigenous Ainu people to the vibrant history of Okinawa's ancient Ryukyu Kingdom, diverse cultures can be found throughout Japan. Through this project, artists and creators seek to reinterpret and convey the appeal of these rich cultural resources, each molded by the particular regional climate in which they developed. As the gateways to these unique regions, airports are the ideal location at which to exhibit these works, inviting visitors to discover new aspects of Japanese culture."

Read More... | Souce: Culture Gate to Japan

Screen Anime April 2021 Streaming Line Up

Date: 2021 March 23 20:50 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks from Screen Anime the curated monthly streaming anime festival have sent us the details of their April 2021 showings. As always they've got a great line up.

For April they headline with Makoto Shinkai's Children Who Chase Lost Voices (also known as Journey to Agartha).

Then they've also got the Tiger &Bunny Movie - Tiger & Bunny: The Rising. Set in a world where superheroes get sponsorship from big name brands similar to sports personalties.

They've also got five short films from Production I.G, in the form of Pigtails & Other Short Films.

While for their curated offering, they have RE:Cyborg 009.

For their TV series offering this time around they'll be showing Eureka Seven Part 1.

The shows are available from from 25th March 2021 until 25th April 2021. The subscription based service costs £3.98 a month or £39.98 per year. You can also gift a subscription for up to a year.

Read More... | Souce: Screen Anime

Funimation App Launches on Nintendo Switch

Date: 2021 March 22 20:12 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks from anime company Funimation (who own Manga UK and Cruchyroll) have just sent us details about their Nintendo Switch App. The app is now available on Nintendo Switch in the UK and Ireland. They also plan to expand to other territories in the coming months.

Read More... | Souce: Funimation

Hatsune Miku Home Ramen Kit

Date: 2021 March 14 11:29 | Posted By:

Category > Cuisine

We've covered plenty about food for fans of Japan in the past before. With lockdown still underway in the UK people are always looking for something a bit different to eat at home. So some companies have been innovative and created DIY at home cooking kits. This elevates it from a regular takeaway it's an activity you can do at home. Ramen chain Shoryu Ramen with branches in London, Manchester and Oxford have just teamed up with Hatsune Miku to create Miku x Shoryu DIY kit. This limited edition ramen kit is dedicated to fans of everyone's favourite vocaloid.

You can order now for delivery between 16th March - 4th April 2021. Each pack is £44 and serves 2 people. There's a meat eater (which contains pork) or vegan option. Each pack also contains Matcha Detox mocktail for 2, along with 2 white chocolate turquoise cookies a plus Hatsune Miku x Shoryu tote bag.

Read More... | Souce: Shoryu Ramen

Discotek Media Announce New Titles for Late 2021 and Beyond

Date: 2021 March 12 20:43 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

US anime boutique label Discotek Media announced on Monday night via Twitch a number of new licence acquisitions and details on already announced titles. They also gave updates on the status of titles they are working on and the state of where they are.

Read More... | Souce: Discotek Media

I Hear the Sunspot: Limit Volume 3 Manga Release Details

Date: 2021 March 11 20:59 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good people from One Peace Books have just sent us the release details I Hear the Sunspot: Limit Volume 3. The final volume of the manga is due out on 13th April 2021. The publishers promise us that "The moving love story between two young men, the hard-of-hearing Kohei and the eternally-optimistic Taichi, reaches a tear-jerking finale".

They also tell us it's "Praised for its nuanced representation of disability, and named a best graphic novel for teens in 2019 and 2020 by the American Library Association's YALSA division, I Hear the Sunspot: Limit showcases the protagonists' immense emotional growth while continuing its thoughtful exploration of disability representation and issues."

One Peace Book always publish an interesting range of manga, and this one is certainly worth adding to your reading list.

You can pre-order the book from all the usual places including,, US, UK

Read More... | Souce: One Peace Books

Women Make Animation Online Event

Date: 2021 March 06 14:07 | Posted By:

Category > Events

The good folks from the Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival have teamed up with Wales One World Festival to Celebrate International Women's Day. Together they'll be hosting free family friendly online event on 13th March 2021. The event will show case works by up and coming female directors. They'll be showing various family friendly short films on the Zoom Stream. The event is free to attend, but registration is required.

They'll also be running a free drawing workshop with the Japanese animator and illustrator Chie Arai.

Read More... | Souce: Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival

Screen Anime March 2021 Streaming Line Up

Date: 2021 February 28 16:28 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks from Screen Anime the curated monthly streaming anime festival have sent us the details of their March 2021 showings. As always they've got a great line up.

For March they headline with the live action adaptation of Tokyo Ghoul, along with the classic anime Mind Game, which marks the directorial debut of Masaaki Yuasa. For the festival favourite they'll be showing The Case of Hana & Alice and for the final feature Summer Days with Coo will be showing too.

For the TV Series subscribers will be treated to the popular sci-fi show Planetes.

This month we highly recommend Mind Game and Planetes, but everything they've got (as always) is worth your time.
The shows are available from from 25th February 2021 until 25th March 2021. The subscription based service costs £3.98 a month or £39.98 per year. You can also gift a subscription for up to a year.

Read More... | Souce: Screen Anime

Talk Series Announced - The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2021

Date: 2021 February 17 21:02 | Posted By:

Category > Anime

The good folks from the Japan Foundation in the UK have sent us a reminder about their Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2021. As we've mentioned before in addition to the eighteen finest and most talked about recently released Japanese films, the programme will host 7 online talks where 8 Japanese directors in total will talk about their work and explore issues existing in Japanese society.

They've curated 18 Japanese titles under the theme of This is My Place - Carving out a sense of existence and belonging in Japanese Cinema.

You can sign up to watch the films and talks at home check out

As always we've they some really good titles.
The live action adaptation of Little Miss Period stands out. If you enjoyed the manga or are curious about personifications of that time of the month, then it's well worth catching!

For anime fans they'll be showing HELLO WORLD, a romantic story with a sci-fi twist.

Read More... | Souce: The Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme 2021

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