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Learning Platform CLASS101 Provides Anime Style Digital Art Classes

Date: 2022 June 30 19:15

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We've just been sent details from South Korean learning platform CLASS101. It allows users to enroll and take classes from some of the top industry professionals, including music, animation, photography, dance, fitness, and many more. In the realm of digital art, learners interested in Anime can sign up for classes led by Kamochiruu and Chaesu, as well as learn to draw in the style of Marvel and DC from InHyuk Lee.

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Press release as follows:



The Largest Online Education Platform in South Korea

Users Have the Opportunity to Take Classes with Industry Professionals Across Numerous Lifestyle and Creative Verticals

Their mission is to build a world where everyone lives doing what they love

CLASS101 is the largest online education platform in South Korea with one out of 70 South Koreans being a user. The platform operates worldwide, servicing 119 countries. In August 2021, the tagline "101 it" was introduced by rapper ay Park s the star of CLASS101's ad campaign. In the following month, CLASS101 raised $25.8 million in the Series
B funding round.

With a 97% satisfaction rate, CLASS101 serves its users (over 3 million) with 3,000+ classes instructed by 130,000 experts from various industries, in music, dance, food, fitness, photography, illustration, digital art, and more. Students pay and enroll for classes directly on their website with the unique advantage that, if needed, learning materials such as art supplies, iPads, mini ovens, and even pianos, can be sent directly to students' doors. During the course, students will complete hands-on assignments and receive meaningful feedback from their instructors in a supportive learning environment. In 2021, over 1.5 million feedback messages were sent between instructors and students

The platform features well-known Korean creators including K-pop producer and artis GRAY (Hyolyn, Jay Park, DPR LIVE, and YUGYEOM), GroovyRoom (Sik-K, pH-1, Jay Park, CHANGMO, Hyolyn, Haon, CHUNG HA), Grammy Award winning Mix Engineer, David "Yungin" Kim (Nas' King's Disease, Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp A Butterfly), Lia Kim (choreographed Twice's 'TT', Sunmi's "Gashina", Mamamoo's "HIP") and 1MILLION Dance Studio, and Marvel illustrator and DC concept artist InHyuk Lee. And these are only a few of the professional instructors available to users on CLASS101.

CLASS101 Global was actualized online in July of 2019 and shortly after launched their first round of non-Korean creators. Some non-Korean creators include photographer and TikTok content creator, David Suh, popular lifestyle content creator Megan Moon (formally known as Megan Bowen), and digital artists Kamochiruu and Chaesu.CLASS101 will be launching more classes by non-Korean musicians and producers in the Summer 2022, including Singaporean DJ MYRNE ("Feels Right", "Afterdark", LAUV, Martin Garrix, Jai Wolf) on July 13th PDT, and producers and songwriters MISHA & ROULSEN TAEYEON, TAEMIN, Max Styler, HYO, Sarah McTernan, Tamta, Kristin Hus√ły), who have written and produced hit songs for SM Entertainment and for Eurovision, on August 25th PDT. Both classes are on sale with Early Bird presale discounts and available for students to begin pre-enrolling.

Connect with CLASS101: Website | Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | TikTok | YouTube

Source: Class101
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