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Parallel World Pharmacy: The Manga Release Details

Date: 2023 April 30 18:31

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The good folks from One Peace Books have just sent us details for an up coming title manga Parallel World Pharmacy. Due out on May 30th 2023 this manga title also has an anime adaptation, along with the original light novel version.

This isekai story tells the story of an overworked pharmaceuticals researcher, who literally works himself to death and then awakens in a mediaeval type world. Our hero then uses his modern pharmaceutical knowledge to make his found home a better place. The manga features art by Sei Takano and translation by Kristi Iwashiro.

Full Story

Parallel World Pharmacy - Cover

Details as follows:

Parallel World Pharmacy - Panel

The hit anime Parallel World Pharmacy is arriving in long-awaited manga form in English on May 30! What would happen if a modern pharmacist prodigy decided to rescue a world of swords and magic from its own medical malpractices? After a determined pharmaceuticals researcher dies of overwork, he awakens in the body of young Farma, son of the court physician-and magic, action, humor, and rock-solid science ensue!

Parallel World Pharmacy is beloved for its unique concoction of light-hearted adventure, medieval medical maladies, and expert scientific solutions, with real physicians and pharmacists joining the editorial staff for the series. After last year's anime release, it's the perfect time to dive deep into Farma's fantastical rise to pharmaceutical fame, with detailed drawings by Sei Takano and a sharply scientific translation by Kristi Iwashiro.

Parallel World Pharmacy - Panel

Source: One Peace Books
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