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Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival 2023 Details

Date: 2023 September 09 17:28

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Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival will return this autumn 2023. Wale's premier event for Japanese anime is set to run 30th September - 1 October 2023 Chapter Cardiff, 20th - 22nd October 2023 Aberystwyth Arts Centre and 10th - 16th November 2023 Pontio Bangor.

You can see the details for each venue on the programme page. Highlights this year are the truly fantastic The First Slam Dunk, the Liz and the Blue Bird, Miss Hokusai and many more.

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Press release as follows:

Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival

Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival

The Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival, returns in Wales this Autumn, with another excellent line-up of films for audiences in the UK.

Sep 30 - Oct 1 Chapter, Cardiff
Oct 20 - 22 Aberystwyth Arts Centre
Nov 10 - 16 Pontio, Bangor

Highlights include:

  • The First Slam Dunk (Takehiko Inoue) Ryota and his teammates challenge the inter-high basketball champions.
  • Liz and the Blue Bird (Naoko Yamada) Best friends in their last year of high school realise there is no such thing as being together forever.
  • Miss Hokusai (Keiichi Hara) Set in 1814, Miss Hokusai focuses on O-Ei, the daughter of famed artist Tetsuzo, better known by his pen name Hokusai.
  • Blue Thermal (Masaki Tachibana) High-schooler Tamaki helps out at an aviation club to pay off her debt for accidentally damaging a glider.
  • Break of Dawn (Tomoyuki Kurokawa) Yūma, a boy obsessed with space, robots, and an impending collision from a comet, has an encounter with an extraterrestrial being, which he finds out is connected to the incoming comet.
  • Nico Agony (Yuji Umoto). This short film was part-funded by Anime no Tane, a Japanese government scheme set up to support and train young animators. His studio Usagi oh employs many women of all ages and encourages women to work in film and animation production.Jero ( This talented Cardiff-based rock guitarist and shamisen player will be giving an exciting live performance, followed by the screening of Miss Hokusai.

Comic Café
An area to sit and chill while browsing freely donated manga. Any pre-loved comics/books/magazines are very welcome, so please bring them along to Chapter if you are happy to donate them to a good cause. Please don't take them home afterwards, so others can also get a chance to enjoy them!

At Chapter and Aberystwyth Arts Center, there will be an all day marketplace, featuring stalls selling a variety of Japan/Anime/Manga related goods.

Finally, there is the festival raffle held at Chapter and Aberystwyth Arts Center for a chance win some great prizes, including artwork from Calon TV and DVD sets from MVM Entertainment. Ticket sales help fundraising efforts for future Kotatsu events. The prizes will all be listed on the website at

Help Fund Us
The Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival relies on sponsors and donors to help deliver screenings. If you would like to support them, you can do so with a voluntary contribution via the festival's Patreon page. Alternatively you can support the festival without paying extra money by signing up at and choosing to support the Kotatsu Festival. When you shop via the easyfundraising website, a small percentage of your purchase will be automatically donated to the festival. If you'd prefer to remain anonymous, enable the setting that allows you to be an anonymous supporter.

About Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival (CIO)

Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival is a charitable incorporated organisation run by a very small team of staff and volunteers. It has been thrilling audiences since November 2010 with its mission to bring Japanese animation and culture to audiences in Wales. The festival screens a wide variety of films and also provides educational and cultural learning opportunities such as animation workshops and masterclasses with leading animators from Japan. You can experience the festival yearly at Chapter in Cardiff, the Aberystwyth Arts Centre in Aberystwyth, and Pontio in Bangor throughout the Autumn months.

More info:
Kotatsu Japanese Animation Festival
Charitable Incorporated Organisation
Registered Charity Number 1187288
Find us on:
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