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Propeller TV to screen ADV UK anime

Date: 2007 May 14 15:04

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We've got some exciting news from ADV UK about a new anime slot on a Sky TV channel. From the 3rd June anime will air from 8pm to 10pm each Sunday. ADV UK have teamed up with Propeller TV (Channel 195 on Sky). The 2 hour slot's been dubbed Anime Network UK, after it's ADV owned American counter part. They'll be showing the following titles:

- Coyote Ragtime Show (8:00pm)
- Neon Genesis Evangelion (8:30pm)
- Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour (9:00pm)
- Elfen Lied (9:30pm)

It's nice to see that anime is getting more airtime in the UK, and we think it's great that ADV have put up an excellent selection of titles.

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Press release as follows:


ADV Films Brings America’s #1 Anime Channel to UK in New Two-Hour Block on SKY Channel 195, Premiering 3rd June

Houston, TX – May 14, 2007 – Promising to bring UK viewers an edgy fusion of top offerings from America’s #1 Anime Channel, ADV Films and Propeller TV have announced the launch of an Anime Network programming block. The new two-hour block-presented by Sci-Fi Guy extraordinaire Stuart Claw (T4) and manga maven Emma Vieceli (TOKYOPOP UK & Ireland Rising Star of Manga)-debuts on Propeller TV (SKY Channel 195) on 3 June and will air 8:00-10:00pm on Sundays.

Injected with plenty of action, adventure, science fiction and horror, the exciting lineup of animated series includes such favorites as Coyote Ragtime Show, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Guyver: The Bio-Boosted Armour and Elfen Lied, all of which already boast hoards of fans the world over. Today’s news marks the first transatlantic programming deal for Anime Network, which already reaches more than 40 million households in North America and draws from the world’s largest anime libraries.

"We are undoubtedly thrilled at the opportunity to reach and entertain Propeller TV’s UK viewers through this very cool programming block," said Stacy Dodson, Anime Network’s Director of Programming. "Propeller already speaks to an audience rife with pop-culture sensibilities, so the lineup we’ve crafted should resonate well."

Added ADV Films’ Hugh David, who orchestrated the deal: "Anime Network and Propeller TV have a natural synergy that we recognized and tapped into in developing the block. The audience is right. The content is right. The timing couldn’t be better."

Programming Highlights:

  • Coyote Ragtime Show – So long, suckers. Say sayonara to Planet Graceland! Insurrection will not be tolerated! And to prove the point, the government has set a big, bad bomb to blast Graceland right out of the sky! Bullets, blades, bombs and busty beauties... if it’s capable of destruction or distraction, it’s fair game in this chilling, thrilling, killing, blood-spilling series!

  • Neon Genesis Evangelion – The year is 2015, and half of the Earth’s population is dead, victims of the disaster called Second Impact! Answering a summons from his enigmatic father, 14-year-old Shinji Ikari arrives in the rebuilt city of New Tokyo-3 just as a gigantic creature identified as an "Angel" attacks! Forced into the cockpit of a giant bio-mechanical construct known as an Evangelion, Shinji must defend the city from the rampaging Angel or die trying!

  • Guyver: The Bioboosted Armour – Lurking under the face of everyday life is a dark world of pain and destruction... a world controlled by a sinister brotherhood that hides its fangs behind masks of humanity, known as the Chronos Corporation. Anime Network presents this sci-fi anime legend in the most complete rendition of Guyver ever animated.

  • Elfen Lied – Lucy is a psychopathic killer with powers beyond any humans. Nyu is a helpless child with no memories. Both could not be farther apart, but both find themselves inside the same body. Two students that have taken in Nyu find their world being turned around as the government sets out to kill Lucy. A strange story of romance and chaos as innocence and darkness collide in a series like nothing you’ve ever seen.

For more information on Propeller TV’s Anime Network block, please visit:

About propeller
Broadcast from Yorkshire, propeller (Channel 195 on SKY) is the first digital satellite television channel in Europe to screen 100% new and original programming. Since its launch in February 2006, propeller's programming has become widely regarded as among the most creative on the Sky platform showcasing raw, edgy and challenging television. An initial £5.2million of national and regional investment from Yorkshire Forward, the Learning & Skills Council and the Higher Education Funding Council has secured Phase 1 of the channel's growth to 2009. Further strategic guidance and support from Skillset, the sector skills council for the audio-visual industry in the UK, has seen the channel take the leading role in showcasing the quality work of new and emerging film talent. Propeller TV is a not-for-profit organisation that reinvests any income it generates back into schemes that support new talent and is under the scrutiny of the UK Film Council and Skillset in this role.

About Anime Network
Anime Network, a subsidiary of A.D. Vision Inc. (parent company to ADV Films and Newtype USA), is America’s #1 Anime Channel, reaching more than 40 million households with thousands of hours of exciting, eye-catching serialized programming. Launched in North America in late 2002, Anime Network is the nation’s top video-on-demand (VOD) offering, and is also available as a 24/7 linear channel in several U.S. markets. The network continues to broaden its national roster of multi-system operator (MSO) agreements, bringing the elusive 18–34, tech-savvy male demographic back to television and driving demand for additional digital services offered by MSOs. For more information, visit

Source: ADV Films UK
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