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Young People! Animate your own Manga Hero!

Date: 2007 June 30 13:31

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If you're a young, budding creative into all things manga, anime and even music, you might want to hit Cambridge next week. The BBC's Blast on Tour will be swinging by Cambridge with their mobile studio, the "Blast truck", and hosting many different activities to get young people aged 13-19 more hands on with the creative scene...

And there's activities on manga and animation included!

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Activities include singing, composing classical rock, filming documentaries, DJ/presenting, and for the main reason why I'm posting this, making manga and animating, featuring UK manga peeps Sweatdrop Studios and FDMX!

For the manga/anime activities, including one where you can create and animate your own manga character, visit the website and scroll down to Saturday 7th July. Though the other activities sound like they'll be just as much fun.

The tour in general sounds like a great summer weekend to bring your kids or siblings to!

Some require booking, so book now or you may lose out!

Source: Blast in Cambridge
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