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Anime film screenings at the British Museum in London

Date: 2007 July 24 16:50

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Following on from our earlier story about a free Naruto screening in London, fans should keep their calendars free on the following dates, as the British Museum will be offering free or very cheap screenings for some excellent movies. The titles marked as free have no entry fee, however booking is required. The other titles are priced at less than the cost of an average coffee in London, with all movies priced at £3 and concessions £2. This forms part of their Manga to Anime for Families season.

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Details as follows:

In all cases we advise booking to avoid disappointment. We always recommend Studio Ghibli movies, so Porco Rosso and Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind are must sees. We're certainly intrigued by the Phoenix 2772 (Space Firebird) screening as previously we believe it's only been shown on the UK dubbed (extremely badly at that), and VHS copies of the dub are incredibly hard to find.

Source: British Museum
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