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Dark Horse and CLAMP Team Up For New Title

Date: 2007 August 03 20:17

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Dark Horse signs CLAMP to make new manga for 2009!

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Dark Horse Comics latest manga title will be coming from the mega-popular quartet CLAMP. The all-woman team behind the hit titles Tsubasa, X and Magic Knight Rayearth has signed with the American comic book publisher to create a brand new shojo manga series that will be released in 2009 and will see simultaneous publication in North America, South Korea and Japan.

Details about the new title, such as the actual title and plot, have not been released at this time. What is known is that the North American publication will be in the form of monthly 80-page issues known as mangettes. They will also be published in traditional volumes that will contain the contents of three such mangettes. This will also be Dark Horse’s first entry into the shojo market, a first from the company that has focused on action-packed titles such as Lone Wolf and Cub and Sin City.

Another interesting aspect of the deal is that CLAMP will have complete creative control over the title, meaning that Dark Horse will only be responsible for publishing the book. This sort of control over a serialized title is rare for North America but not for Japan.

Source: Anime News Network
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