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Crunchyroll Reveal UK DVD and Blu-ray Release Line-up for October to December 2023

Date: 2023 October 05 19:44

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The good folks from streaming giants Crunchyroll just sent us the line up for their UK Q4 2023 home video release schedule. They headline with Chainsaw Man, My Dress Up Darling, Classroom of the Elite, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which all get released on Monday 4th December 2023, along with Overlord IV which gets a release on Monday 20th November 2023.

For the end of year blu-ray and DVD line up, they've got pretty something for everyone, including some perfect holiday gifts. We're most excited about getting Chainsaw Man on Blu-ray as we enjoyed extremely violent anime, while we're also looking forward to My Dress Up Darling, which is almost the polar opposite of Chainsaw Man, as it follows the (fan service heavy) story of a cosplayer and a costume maker for dolls teaming up to make the perfect cosplay, it's saccharine, with a bit of slice of life along with amusing moments as they dance around the fan service, this is one of the many reasons it proved and instant hit.

Don't forget about The Girl from the Other Side, the anime version is a bit different from the manga, but still follows the dark fairy tale themes of a girl and her goat skull like headed carer. It's out from Monday 2nd October 2023 (so out now).

If you're looking for some comic relief you can get it in bucket loads from the Konosuba Legend of Crimson - Movie which is out Monday 4th December 2023.
You'll be able to buy the titles from the usual places, Amazon, Zavvi and HMV stores.

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Press release as follows:


Anime fans will now be able to enjoy their favourite series on Blu-ray and DVD with physical releases for Chainsaw Man, Overlord IV, Classroom of the Elite, and many more

Crunchyroll, the global brand offering the ultimate anime experience, has announced its upcoming home entertainment release schedule, with physical editions of fan favourite anime available from October to December. Titles available for purchase include Chainsaw Man, My Dress Up Darling, Overlord IV, Classroom of the Elite, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero and many more.

The anime streaming service is offering enthusiasts the opportunity to purchase physical DVDs and Blu-rays of their favourite shows in the coming months.

Fans across the UK will be able to purchase physical versions and limited editions of their favourite anime from Amazon, Zavvi and the HMV stores.

Chainsaw Man Blu-ray
My Dress Up Darling Blu-ray
The Girl from the Other Side Blu-ray

Please note that these dates are only for the UK. Other English territories like the US may be different.

Full release schedule is as follows:


  • Classroom of the Elite - Season 1 Blu-ray disc - 2nd
  • Shinobi no Ittoki - The Complete Season Blu-ray disc - 2nd
  • The Girl from the Other Side Blu-ray disc - 2nd
  • Overlord IV - Season 4 DVD & Blu-ray disc - 20th
  • Beast Tamer - The Complete Season Blu-ray disc - 4th
  • Classroom of the Elite - Season 2 Blu-ray disc - 4th
  • More than a Married Couple, but Not Lovers. - The Complete Season Blu-ray disc - 4th
  • Konosuba Legend of Crimson - Movie DVD & Blu-ray disc - 4th
  • My Dress Up Darling Season 1 DVD & Blu-ray disc - 4th
  • Chainsaw Man Season 1 DVD & Blu-ray disc - 18th
  • Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Lenticular 4K & Blu-ray disc
  • Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero Steelbook (Amazon Exclusive) 4K & Blu-ray disc

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