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Japanese staff get benefits for their pets

Date: 2007 November 20 14:10

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In a heart warming story from the Mainichi Daily News, they are covering details of the latest employment perk in Japan - pet allowances, which is part of recognising pets as legitimate members of the family.

The article highlights a few companies that are doing this, including Kyoritsu Seiyaku Corp, which plans to give every dog and cat owning staff member a pet dependency allowance of 1,000 yen a month. They are also considering a 12,000 yen reward fee for anybody who agrees to adopt a stray.

The article also mentions that pet food company Hills Colgate (Japan) was one of the earliest companies to reward employees with pets, as they have a pet condolence system which started in 2005, where staff are rewarded 10,000 for each animal they own and another 10,000 yen in condolence if the pet passes away, along with a condolence telegram from the company president and a days leave to grieve.

Source: Mainichi Daily News
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