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Happy 6th Birthday Sweatdrop Studios!

Date: 2008 January 25 18:59

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Today the UK's largest group of manga-style pioneers, Sweatdrop Studios turned six years old! And to celebrate, they're offering some of the biggest discounts off their catalogue and a few more bonuses:

- Huge 50% off comics until February 2008
- Free international shipping on orders over £15/$30

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Also, forum users who will take a moment to leave their birthday wishes on the commemorative thread will be in with a chance to win some generous prizes:

- Grand prize: An original water-colour painting of Sueto Chan (Sweatdrop's mascot) by Selina Dean, and any three Sweatdrop anthologies or books.
- Two runners up: One Sweatdrop anthology or book.

The winners will be chosen on Saturday 2nd February 2008.

Ah, it's moments like these I realise just how far manga fandom in the UK has come, and it brings a happy tear to the eye. I've been watching them from the beginning, and alongside manga's incredible success, I believe Sweatdrop Studios, with its upbeat and earnest army of members, have played a big part in helping inspire and cultivate artistic UK talent.

Six years a go, for UK peeps, publishing was a fanzine dream. Do you remember the tiring otaku-suave gesture of having to correct unaware fans that "manga" isn't what they should be calling anime, because they're totally different mediums (dammit!)? Those days are going, going, gone.

Congratulations on your 6th Birthday, Sweatdrop! You have been an absolute inspiration not only for artists like myself, but now for aspiring youths at events and in schools across the country! I wish you all the best for the many more there are to come! I certainly hope to be there for the big 10th. :)

Source: Sweatdrop Forums
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