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New Live-Action Akira Film Announced

Date: 2008 February 22 14:44

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Warner Brothers have recently announced the production of two new Akira films based on the original six volume manga by Katsuhiro Otomo. The new films, set to be re-imagined in New Manhattan which is probably nowhere near downtown Tokyo, will chronicle three of the original works each and be helmed by Otomo himself as executive producer.

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The films will be directed by Ruairi Robinson who has previously worked on commercials and short films and will be co-produced by Appian Way, Leonardo DiCaprio's production company. So we're off to a fantastic start THERE.

Details on the upcoming film are sketchy, however the production is slated for a 2009 fast-track release. The Otaku News crew are hoping that this release matches up to other Asian remakes such as Godzilla, The Ring, Aeon Flux and others. OK, that was a lie, most of us wish that Hollywood would leave the classics alone and think of a few new ideas for once, other than recycling good films and 'Americanizing' them.

Source: The Times Online
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