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Yakuza Man Kills Seven in Akihabara

Date: 2008 June 08 11:39

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Seven people are dead and another eleven have been injured in Akihabara today as a Yakuza man said to be "tired of life" has gone on a stabbing rampage in the district.

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Tomohiro Kato who has been identified as a member of the notorious Yakuza began stabbing strangers in the popular electronics district after driving a two ton truck into a group of pedestrians.

The 25 year old man yelled "I came to kill" and "I am tired of the world" before jumping out of the truck and assaulting passers-by. At least 17 ambulances attended the scene and paramedics attempted to save the lives of the 18 people injured during the attack. At the time of writing seven have died, and the others are being treated in local hospitals.

Akihabara "Electric Town" as it is known, is one of the central hubs in Tokyo for Anime and Manga as well as electronics and should be well known to most Otaku.

Additional coverage on the Daily Mail.

Source: BBC News
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