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Tuiteru Cosplay Night in Tokyo

Date: 2008 August 31 12:10

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Crossplaying readers or indeed those interested in photographing crossplayers in the Tokyo area should be interested to know about a special cosplay event on 2008 September 27th Saturday to promote a new game called TUITERU by C:Drive.

What's also interesting is the venue chosen, Studio Snappy. A venue to photograph cosplayers. It seems that someone in Japan will cater to the every demand of the otaku market!

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Details as follows:

Are you interesting in any special cosplay event in Japan?
We hold the special cosplay event of disguising as a woman.

The name of this event is the "TUITERU Cosplay Night".
"TUITERU" is the game title of the C:Drive company.
In the game two boys who disguise themself as a woman appear.

About 40 people coslayers of disguising as a woman will participate in this event.

Place: Tokyo,Studio Snappy
Day Schedule: September 27 ,Saturday
Charge: 3,000 yen
Photo extra charge: 2,000 yen

Event Information(in Japanese):

Source: Tuiteru Cosplay Night
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