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Japanese Man Seeks to Marry in Two Dimensions

Date: 2008 November 01 14:59

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A Japanese man has launched an online petition to allow the legal marriage of fictional characters. Taichi Takashita has started the online petition to allow himself to marry an undisclosed Manga character and has requested an amazing one million other people to follow suit by signing up.

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Taichi has stated that "I am no longer interested in three dimensions. I would even like to become a resident of the two-dimensional world" although he has not disclosed how he intends to accomplish this. While marriage is in decline in Japan, it is still only possible for a man and woman to marry. Therefore even though same-sex marriage is forbidden, this petition seeks to allow marriage to so called "virtual idols", anime, and manga characters, and characters from other media as well. We can only assume a big run on Lara Croft proposals then.

Readers in the west with a desire to grab onto Isamu Dyson's flight stick or take Shana up the isle should probably be aware that the inability to sign a registry or fully consummate a marriage would almost certainly lead to an automatic annulment, but you never know, I might get my hands on Jessica Rabbit yet!

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