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Canadian Man Builds Perfect Woman

Date: 2008 December 11 14:08

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A news story from The Sun found via Slashdot (so it HAS to be true) reports on a man from Ontario, Canada who has constructed himself the perfect woman.

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Inventor Le Trung has called his creation Akio and has spent 2 years and £14,000 developing his robotic beloved, who was originally designed as a helper for the elderly, to perform domestic chores such as serving drinks and helping him with his accounting.

Readers might make the comparison between this creation and characters from the series Chobits, and the inventor himself states that the robot could be altered to serve more "adult" needs. Lets hope he doesn't put the reset switch in the same place. Should these new androids receive recognition from major operating system vendors we can only assume the OSX version will be beautiful but rather vacant, the Linux version will be geeky and high maintenance, the Windows version will be prone to severe and unexpected temper tantrums, and the OS/2 warp version will be left at the back of the warehouse crying quietly. It should be noted that the Windows version will probably be the most true to life.

Despite the dubious nature of this story, and the fact that he seems to have done what major Japanese corporations have been trying to do for years in such a short period of time (not to mention the expense), readers are encouraged to follow the link below for more info, and possibly the Mahoromatic style maid of their dreams!

Source: The Sun
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