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Chickpea Japanese Chopsticks Practice Game

Date: 2009 January 14 18:09

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Every otaku loves gadgets and great toys, but every so often we find something fun that also has a practical use. ThinkGeek are stocking Japanese Chopsticks Practice Game.

The game itself is simple - using Japanese chopsticks you pick tiny chickpeas out of a bowl. They're literally little chicks that look like peas. They're in different sizes for skill levels and are even divided by gender (boy chicks have orange beaks, while girl chicks have pink beaks and longer eyelashes). We suspect this is to make the game a bit more challenging, allowing you to play picking out only girls, or only boys.

The Otaku News Crew have seen this toy before and played it. It's a great way of teaching your friends finer control of chopsticks. We just wish more retailers stocked it, we also wish that they'd make a ramen eating version for Spike. ^_^

Source: ThinkGeek
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