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HRP-4C the Humanoid Female Robot

Date: 2009 March 16 16:33

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BBC News have some interesting video footage of a life-like walking female robot.

The HRP-4C has 30 motors in it's body which allow to walk and move it's arms. It also has 8 motors in it's face to create various expressions.

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The Telegraph also have a more in-depth report of the new robot.

The article states to avoid issues with the uncanny valley they gave the robot an anime look said one of the inventors, humanoid research leader Shuji Kajita -

"We have deliberately leant toward an anime style."

Appearance was a preview for it walking down the catwalk at the Tokyo fashion show on March 23.

The National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology said developing and building her cost more than 200 million yen (£1.4 million). The institute hope to commercialise her in the future.

The Otaku News Crew have notice a slight resemblance between the HRP-4C and Eve from AppleGeeks. We wonder if Hawk helped develop it? ^_^

Source: BBC News
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