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New Neon Genesis Evangelion Manga Title to Be Lighthearted Romantic Comedy

Date: 2009 June 24 19:52

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The next Neon Genesis Evangelion spinoff will be light on the giant robots and heavy on the romantic comedy.

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One of the most successful and angsty franchises to come out of Japan is being reimagined as a romantic comedy. Publishers Weekly is reporting that the latest manga spinoff of Neon Genesis Evangelion, The Shinji Ikari Raising Project, might be a bit of a surprise to some fans:

"No robots appear in volume one (except on two comedic bonus pages). Although many of the events in the first volume of Shinji Ikari also take place in the first five episodes of the Evangelion anime series, many of the characters have been 're-cast'. Some characters who were dead in the anime backstory are alive and well, and the book includes several new characters previously exclusive to the video game spin-off universe."

However, PW says there is some precedent for a cheerier version of the story:

"The Shinji Ikari Raising Project is based on a video game based on episode 26 of the Evangelion anime series. Episode 26 introduced fans to a cheerful alternate universe version of the usually dark-themed Evangelion series."

Source: Publishers Weekly
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