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MaiOtaku - Dating for Anime Fans

Date: 2009 November 05 17:02

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Otaku Dating sites seem to be all the rage at the moment. So we've discovered another dating site for anime fans MaiOtaku. They're pitching themselves as the OKCupid for anime lovers.

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Press release as follows:

MaiOtaku – The OkCupid For Anime Fans

Over 750 otaku have already joined what has been referred to as "the OkCupid for anime lovers," a number that keeps growing according to the website's administrators.

The website, called, started in July to offer anime fans a unique social network that is supposed to be far different from other dating websites, and the idea is taking off. "We're getting new members almost every day," said Ryan Kopf, creator of "Almost everything is free, so there's nothing stopping new members."

The website has also seen several creative efforts to increase membership. A post on MaiOtaku's Page on Facebook equated one post on 4chan to 10 new members. They also distributed over 500 business cards at Youmacon this past weekend in Detroit.

Kopf, also the chief editor of, an anime/sci-fi/gaming convention website, says he spends much of his free time improving MaiOtaku.

"Everything is custom and unique, which takes a lot of time to develop," said Kopf. "I recently linked my convention database with the website so that people can meet old friends from conventions, and that took nearly a month to finish."

Some of the website's features are bound to catch the attention of any single anime fan. The website's tour highlights among the features: cosplay photo galleries, personal profiles, public comments, private threaded messaging, and attended convention lists.

One of the most notable features, however, is the unique 'OtakuMatch' matching system. When users sign up they are asked several questions about the genre of anime they like. These answers, along with the answers to a few more questions, help the website build a personality profile that it uses to display a list of other users that match you the most, emphasizing those closest to you.

"We really hope to focus on people who can actually meet and hang out, even watch anime together," said Kopf. "Several features, such as our matching and our convention lists try to emphasize location as well."

A comment on also suggests using MaiOtaku for making friends as well. "You can also use MaiOtaku to make friends. The more friends you have the better chance you have of meeting someone you actually like."

Source: MaiOtaku
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