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The world's best bike shed

Date: 2009 November 06 03:43

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Japan is often seen as the nation of innovation. The latest invention from Japan, the Bike Tree solves a common problem around the world. The Guardian reports about the world's best bike shed. Illegal parking of bicycles is a problem in Japan. Other countries have problems with bike theft. Steel company JFE Engineering have solved this problem. This invention works on a subscription basis you pay 1800 yen a month (about £12 GBP or $20 USD), your bike gets an electronic tag so the machine can read it. The machine then takes the bike and places it in it's stacking system. It works in a similar way to automated tape backup systems (think of a large robotic arm fetching an item).

This bike shed looks great and we hope it gets picked up around the rest of the world, it would solve the long term problem of bike theft!

Source: The Guardian
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