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Danny Choo to Collaborate with Cospa on T-shirt

Date: 2009 November 20 16:52

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The good folks from have sent us some details about a new range of Cospa t-shirts made in collaboration with renowned otaku Danny Choo.

The t-shirt designs can be seen on Danny's website, and US readers can get them along with other great cospa t-shirts from

We only wish that Cospa had a UK stockist. Still you can always get TerraTag or Genki Gear t-shirts if you want to support UK anime inspired designs.

We must admit we're a bit jealous of Danny, we wish Cospa would make t-shirts with our mascot Miyuki. Still you can always download wallpaper of her instead.

Full Story

Press release as follows

Cospa, Japan's leader in anime fashion and cosplay accessories, has announced their new T-shirts in collaboration with Danny Choo!

Danny Choo lives in Tokyo and details life in Japan through articles and photography, focusing on anime, figures, dolls, cosplay, games, and much more. He is regularly featured on the web, in print, and broadcast media such as CNN, BBC, and G4TV. He is also known for his dancing Stormtrooper videos on YouTube.

The shirts feature feature the interdimensional girls of "Mirai no Mirai", who are featured as mascots on Danny's popular Japan-oriented website as illustrated by Azami Yuko and KL.

The first shirt has Mirai Suenaga in a maid outfit and glasses, as illustrated by KL. The second shirt features all three girls - Mirai Suenaga, Haruka Suenaga, and Kanata Hoshikawa in a cute group pose, as illustrated by Azami Yuko. Both shirts are available on black or white.

Both T-shirts will be presold at Anime Festival Asia 2009 on November 21st and 22nd. The regular sale date in Japan begins in mid-January of 2010 and will be available in the U.S. through distributor Yes Anime.

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