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Jonathan Ross to leave the BBC

Date: 2010 January 07 21:57

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Jonathan Ross has announced he's going to leave the BBC. It's all over the entertainment section of the news, celebrity gossip news so why is it on Otaku News too? Well we're curious as to what he's going to do next.

Caitlin Moran TV Critic for The Times has made an interesting speculation -
"What most people don't seem to realise is that the documentaries he did on Japanese films, anime and cultish subjects were absolutely fantastic and I imagine he might want to go and do more of that."

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Jonathan Ross presented and produced the series Japanorama which focused on some really interesting things in Japan. We'd love a few more series of this excellent show. ^_^

He also produced Adam and Joe Go Tokyo (sadly it was Joe Cornish, not me).

It's well known that Jonathan Ross is a film buff and anime fan. He occasionally has Japanese gadgets on his TV show, and has mentioned he has a high tech Japanese toilet in his house.

Lets face it. The guy is an otaku! He even likes okonomiyaki and has a home cooking set so he can enjoy the dish whenever he likes.

Mr Ross especially has a soft spot for Studio Ghibli (then again who doesn't). Currently there is only rumour and speculation, but we do hope he does spend more time producing TV shows about Japan.

Source: BBC News
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