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Death Note Relight at the London Barbican

Date: 2010 February 09 18:59

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London anime fans who like killer notebooks will want to keep Wednesday 28th April 2010 free, as that's when the Barbican will be showing a special screening of Death Note Relight.

Resident anime expert Helen McCarthy will be there to introduce the feature. As always with such events, we suggest you book early to avoid disappointment. The screening is not yet available for bookings, but keep checking just in case.

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Press release as follows:

JAPANIMATION SNEAK PEEK – Wednesday 28 April, 8.30pm
Death Note Relight (15) (Japan 2009 Dir. Tetsuro Araki 130 min)
Helen McCarthy introduces a preview of Death Note Relight, the rogue shinigami-eyed view of an epic battle of two great minds. The feature-length version of the first half of the original television series tells Death God Shinigami Ryuk's story of what happens when he deliberately drops his Death Note down to earth in a moment of boredom. Found by genius human high school student Light Yagami, the Death Note kills the person whose name is written in it and Light soon realizes its potential to rid the world of evil.
In Japanese with English subtitles.
Special promotional screening with thanks to Manga Entertainment and Viz Media. Box Office: 0845 120 7527

Ticket prices:
Book online and save up to £2 off every ticket!
Standard: £7.50 online (£9.50 full price)
Barbican Members: £6.50 online (£7.50 full price)
Concessions: £7.50
Under 15: £4.50
Monday Madness: all tickets £5.50

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