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Japanese Maid Reni to perform at the Washington Sakura Matsuri

Date: 2010 April 04 05:06

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Fans of Japanese culture in Washington DC will want to head over to the Washington Sakura Matsuri on Saturday April 10th 2010. If you didn't need a reason to go already, everyone's favorite New York based Japanese Maid Reni will be there to give two performances.

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Details as follows:

New York, NY –March 31-, 2010 – Aspire Communications, Inc. is pleased to announce Reni Mimura, a Japanese Cosplay Singer in NY, is invited as a musical guest In Washington Sakura Matsuri, the biggest Japanese Festival in the U.S. and will perform on Saturday April 10th.

What: Japanese Cosplay Singer in NY, Reni Mimura performs in 50th Washington Sakura Matsuri, Washington, DC

Japanese Pop Star Reni

When: 2 shows of Reni Mimura
Sat Apr 10 12:45 PM Constitution Avenue Stage
Sat Apr 10 15:15 PM J-Pop Stage

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Source: Reni Reni
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