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Harajuku Night in London August 2010

Date: 2010 August 06 16:57

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Are you in London and like Japanese themed clubbing? Then head over to Proud in Camden on Tuesday 24th August 2010 from 7pm until 2am for the Harajuku! Autumn Ball 2010.

The popular event returns with a selection of live performances. As always with these events we suggest you book early to avoid disappointment.

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Press release as follows:

Harajuku Autumn Ball

Date: Tuesday 24th August
Event: Harajuku! Autumn Ball 2010
Venue: Proud, Camden. The Horse Hospital, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Rd, NW1 8AH
Phone No. 020 7482 3867
Door Time: 7pm – 2am
Price: £5 advance / flyers
Bookings: / 08444 771 000 /

Event info:
HARAJUKU! returns by popular demand when Criminal Records presents the Harajuku! Autumn Ball at Proud Gallery, Camden on Tuesday 24th August. As the latest installment of London's most notorious Japanese themed club night, the event features eight different themed rooms, celebrating Japanese wonders like Geishas, Lolita's, Comics, Gaming, Origami, Karaoke, Manga, Art and a mix of Live Bands, Indie Music and JPOP.

Harajuku! fashion is all about celebrating a love of Japan, being creative and mixing together different styles and influences, and has proved to be incredibly popular internationally. The fashion element is also a potent theme with the event fast becoming a key stop for a number of the freshest London designers. Party goers mix together different styles and influences and the competition for the best dressed character is fierce. Some characters dress up as idols from Anime, Movie while others focus on the looks of Gothica or Lolita.

The event has already gained a reputation with gaming communities as a great place to meet, socialise and play. At the new location, Harajuku! will be an even better experience as the night will benefit from its own Gaming Zone. Camden gamers will be able to choose from the large variety of PS3 and Wii games to play on the large screen including Xbox Rock Band, or bring their own handheld consoles to play in their own private area.

Manga aficionados will also have their own zone in one of themed ex-horse hospital stables, with screenings of Manga and Animee all night. Other themed zones include the BYODJ, featuring a bring your own MP3 player listening party, to share the best recommendations of Jpop with others and get new tips. This is not to mention the Karaoke Zone where attendees can party in true Japanese style!

There are various co promoters and Japanese event organisers involved including the DS Lite Group for handheld gaming, Teracotta Film who will be playing clips from their latest film 'Big Tits Zombie' in 3D as well as providing prizes for the Best Dresser Cosplayer! There are also London groups such as London Alternative and the Harajuku and Cosplay group involved.


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THE KUT, are the show headliners. An all female dark indie rock band, who have been making waves in the UK and beyond, The Kut have already been reviewed as "the best all female band the UK has ever produced". Currently in the studio recording their debut album, 'Lies My Mother Told Me' for release late this year, expect sultry vocals, kick ass guitar solos, strong songs and powerful melodies. Rave reviews all round make The Kut a must see band in 2010.

Expect a spectacular performance of Martial Arts at its best, from London's favourite multi-arts fighting group.

CAPELLE a hard rocking combo who came to prominence at the O2 Undiscovered competition. Combining over-driven '60s inspired Rock with tinges of Electro and Hip Hop, Capelle master a unique sound that will get melodists and headbangers all united in one big party.

IRAQ, a female fronted indie pop band, with hints of Morrisey and charming 80's swagger.

MATANIU, an 8-piece experimental combo which showcases an amazing variety of sounds and influences that create the perfect backing for the unique songwriting and amazing vocal abilities of singing goddess Mataniu.

FUZZ VALENTINE,a three piece fuzz-infected indie band from London, who combine boyish wonder with skittish pop music. Their single 'Far' received extensive airplay on London's Xfm. Get ready for a treat!

Plus Indie, Beats and Jpop from Criminal Records DJs.

Sunlight swept across the city that afternoon. The streets were decorated with flamboyant characters and powerful imagery. characters who were happy and curious, daring and confident. coloured hair and painted faces, anime, lolita and cybergoth. some cute, some bold, tailored and precise, these high fashion icons lit the streets and the air was empowered by freedom, self expression and celebration. and so was born a new chapter in the tale.

Back in london there was panic. the city was phased with concrete and gloom. smoke bellowed from the chimneys whilst crowds of office works gathered outside the internet cafes in the rain. cogs turning in the machine, their sorrowful faces were the same that stare upward from their newspapers on the tube. Politicians stared out of the windows in despair and suddenly it was clear to see that the sand in the hour glass was running low.

It was time to begin. To escape... It was time to return to Harajuku!


About The Kut
There's no gimmick - The Kut are a group of accomplished musicians, who play a mix of dark indie; in parts upbeat and at other times intense. Combining sultry vocals, kick ass guitar riffs, dubby bass and solid drumming, the songs vary in style, but maintain their Basement Rock sound throughout.

Frontwoman, lead guitarist and multi-instrumentalist, Maha has been reviewed as a Slash/Linda Perry hybrid and The Kut's original sound has earned them some growing attention in the UK as well as in the US. This year Maha secured an endorsement deal with Marshall Amplification, making her one of the only females in the UK to have their seal of approval. 2009 saw the band perform as main support at the 25th Anniversary of London's People Day, a festival that attracts over 30,000 people each year. Other stages included performances from the James Taylor Quartet and other well known acts.

Their self-recorded 'The Vision' demo received a great deal of attention, and before The Kut set foot in a studio they gained the support of a massive amount of reviewers and radio stations. However, after spending time in the studio, the band are released their double A side single 'Doesn't Matter Anyway' / 'Closure' on 2nd November. Doesn't Matter Anyway is a choppy indie rock floor filler, whilst in contrast, 'Closure' is deep, technical and emotional. The 'Doesn't Matter Anyway' music video was directed by accomplished producer Tom Norton of Juxtapose Films. This single has been well received all round, picking up support from BBC Radio 1 (Northern Ireland), BBC Radio Tees and achieving playlist on over 25 FM stations in the UK and into the hundreds worldwide. The video is now showing in 160 locations across the UK including Scream Pubs and Department stores. The reaction has been just as impressive across the pond.

These tracks are now available as a download (iTunes / Amazon / / 7 Digital / HMV) and on limited edition green 7" vinyl [Criminal / Universal / Orchard] as the bands first key release. The recent UK tour was well received by fans and interviewers alike. The single provides a snippet of what is to come when The Kut finally unveil the eagerly awaited debut album, 'Lies My Mother Told Me'.

Source: Criminal Records
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