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Gundam UC Episode 2 on-line Preview

Date: 2010 October 22 17:01

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The good folks at Beez have sent us details of a a free preview of the first 14 minutes of episode 2 of Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn): The Second Coming of Char.

Gundam UC episode 2 is currently planned to be released November 12, 2010 on Blu-ray disc simultaneously in the US, Canada, and Taiwan.

It'll also get a PSN release too.

You can watch the first 14 minutes of Gundam Unicorn Episode 2 on the Bandai Channel.

Full Story

Press release as follows:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Paris, France, October 2010.

Latest episode from "Mobile Suit Gundam UC" first 14 minutes shown for free before premier on PSN® and Blu-ray street date

Tokyo, Japan, October 18, 2010 - Bandai Channel Co., Ltd. has announced a sneak pre-release preview of the newest animation work "Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn): The Second Coming of Char", based on Japan’s wildly successful "Mobile Suit Gundam" franchise, and is right now streaming the video preview on a limited-time basis worldwide for free. In this part, Banagher encounters Full Frontal, leader of the Neo Zeon remnants and the so-called "Second Coming of Char".

The entire complete episode premiers on PlayStation®Network beginning October 30, before the Blu-ray release. In addition to the United States and Canada, the territories of Europe (UK and France) have been included for the first time in this official PSN® release as well. The streaming video is available with the original Japanese voices and subtitled in English and French. "Gundam UC" episode 2 is currently planned to be released November 12, 2010 on Blu-ray disc worldwide simultaneously in the US, Canada, and Taiwan, with more regions to be announced shortly. Early Bird Discount applies for US, Canada and Taiwan residences.

Visit (US and Canada), or (Taiwan) for more details. Episode 1 sold over 200,000 units on BD and DVD combined in Japan, while the trailers for episode 2 have reached over a million views! Check out for free why "Gundam UC" became Japan's #1 best-selling anime Blu-ray at time of release! Anime supporters, become a fan by clicking Like on our Gundam UC (Unicorn) Page on Facebook at and get the latest news on

Technical Specifications of the "Mobile Suit Gundam UC (Unicorn)" episode 2 Preview:

* Distribution Details

The first 14 minutes will be streamed for free as a preview.

* The actual OVA is approximately 60 minutes in length for the entire second episode of the series.

* Languages

Audio: English

* Broadcast Availability Period

October 18, 2010 through October 30, 2010

* Broadcast Sites

Gundam Unicorn Official Site , Bandai Channel, AnimeNewsNetwork, Crunchyroll, YouTube, Bandai Entertainment’s "THE STORE", My-cartoon and others.

* For Bandai Channel, please visit

About Bandai Channel Co., Ltd.
Bandai Channel Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Namco Bandai Holdings Inc. Founded on March 1, 2002, it is primarily involved with the on-demand broadcasting of Japanese animation. As of October 2010, over 1100 series (approximately 17,500 episodes) have been made available in Japan. For more information, please visit

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Source: Bandai Channel
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