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UNIQLO to release Naruto UT T-Shirt collection in the UK

Date: 2011 January 18 17:41

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The lovely people at UNIQLO have sent us details of their up coming line of t-shirts. They've had an excellent range of gaming and classic anime t-shirts in the past and this season they've teamed up with Manga Entertainment UK to release Naruto t-shirts in the UK. They've got 32 styles based on the series, priced at £12.99 you can buy them soon from UNIQLO stores or from their website.

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Whoops! Spot the mistake in their press release. Can't see it? Naruto has been shown on UK TV before, it's been on Jetix.

Press release as follows:

January 2011


This year, UNIQLO teams up with Manga Entertainment for the Naruto UT collection of 32 styles based on the bestselling, world-beating anime series. The line is released early in 2011, and will be followed by other anime brands later in the year, including One Piece and Dragon Ball Z.

  • WHO IS NARUTO!? He's the teenage ninja sensation who first appearing in Japanese comic form in 1997, and in his own TV series in 2002. A martial artist in training, possessed by a Nine-tailed Demon Fox, Naruto is the icon for a digital generation that watches his show, reads his comics and plays video games based on his adventures.

  • AS NOT SEEN ON TV. The Naruto TV series has never been shown on British television. That hasn't stopped a quarter of a million Naruto DVDs flying from UK stores to eagar fans. Television is so last century...

  • The WAY OF ANIME Anime isn't just something to watch, it's a way of life for thousands of British teenagers, who have never know a world without it. It's opened their eyes to fashion crazes like Hello Kitty and the Gothic Lolitas. It's opened their ears to J-pop, J-rock, Visual Kei and Japanese hip-hop.

Anime and manga (Japanese comics) are vibrant, growing parts of UK subculture and it's fashions are trickling down onto the streets, with Victorian frills, manly shoulder pads and hyper-real heroic get-ups. Anime has evolved out of the moving image and into the global culture.
This year, Manga Entertainment, the UK's leading purveyor of Japanese animation (or "anime"), celebrates two decades as film producers, market leaders and video distributors for such acclaimed animation classics as Akira, Bleach and Death Note.

Priced as £12.99, the Naruto UT collection is available in UNIQLO stores and online

UNIQLO Naruto T-shirts

Source: UNIQLO
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