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Siren Visual licences three anime series for DVD/streaming

Date: 2011 June 21 17:51

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Australian media company Siren Visual has licensed three series for streaming and DVD releases for this year.

Dennou Coil, Usagi Drop and Angel Beats will all get a DVD release either in September or further down the line.

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Siren Visual, a Australian based company, has licensed three series for release via online streaming and DVD. The three series are Dennou Coil from 2007, Angel Beats from 2010 and Usagi Drop, which will broadcast on Fuji TV's noitaminA programming block this July.

Dennou Coil's release will be the first time the series has been made available in English. Angel Beats will be released in North America by Sentai Filmworks and Section 23 on DVD/BD in July. Usagi Drop will also get it's first DVD release outside Japan with this release.

Otaku News reviewed the second volume of the Usagi Drop manga upon which the series is based here by Yen Press.

From Siren's official blog post:

Yep, it's coming! DVD will be hitting Stores in September. Needs no's Angel Beats! fer cryin' out loud!

We'll be streaming this from July (exact date TBC - watch this space) and releasing the first half on DVD in September. Excellent, excellent, excellent series with a style and pace reminiscent of Miyazaki. It might have been a bit 'under the radar' for most fans and it took a LOT of hard work to pull this one through and lock it in, but it's happening. And it's going to knock you out and have you saying "how the hell did I miss this one first time 'round?!" It's also an exclusive title which we're happy to report is the very first outside of Japan. Yep.

Another in the noitaminA range from FCC/Fuji TV. Slice-of-life drama/comedy for mature fans and intelligent kids, BUNNY DROP is the story of an illegitimate child raised by her father's grandson (!) and the emotional pain of being an outcast in one's family. This one will also be streaming in July on Anime New Network with a DVD release to follow.

Source: Siren Visual
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