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Cosplay Ireland announce first event

Date: 2011 August 18 20:06

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Cosplay Ireland website announces a cosplay event in Dublin in early September. Attendees are encouraged to cosplay but event is open to all aged 18 and up.

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The Cosplay Ireland website have announced that, for their first event in Ireland, they will be holding a party in Dublin City on September 2th this year. The event, Cosplay Banter in the Attic, will be held in The Loft at The Twisted Pepper building. The event will be strictly over 18's so party attendees are advised to bring ID. Cosplay is not mandatory but is encouraged in all forms.

The event will be headlined by Moshi Mosh and The Chronic Candies performing with Bee Harley and NoamiBomb.

Entry fee is 6 Euros

For location details please see our link on Google Maps.

For more information please see the link below.

Source: Cosplay Banter in the Attic
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