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Sun Fish Moon Fish from Sweatdrop Studios

Date: 2011 November 12 14:04

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UK-based independent publisher and comic collaborative Sweatdrop Studios have sent us details of their latest publication. Sun Fish Moon Fish by Morag Lewis. The 256 page volume is a self contained story and is available now from Sweatdrop Studios' online shop and

Full Story

Press release as follows:


Sweatdrop: Sun Fish Moon Fish

Justice can be costly...

The Royal Family have been murdered, and the main suspect is the Court Mage Anciarin, who fled the scene in suspicious circumstances. However, not everyone is convinced of Anciarin's guilt. Iashar, assigned to the pursuit of the fugitive, becomes increasingly sure that there is more to the murder than he first thought. His search for the truth leads him to a forgotten history - and powerful enemies.

New from Sweatdrop Studios, "Sun Fish Moon Fish" tells the story of a royal murder, an innocent accused, an ancient betrayal and the struggle to find the truth. This fantasy drama by Morag Lewis is a complete story in one 256-page volume, and is available now from Sweatdrop Studios' online shop.

£7.00, colour cover, black/white inners, perfect bound, age rating 13+, fantasy, sample pictures attached

Morag Lewis is a former Tokyopop Rising Stars of Manga finalist with numerous contributions to instructional Manga art books and to NEO Magazine. Her primary publications are with Sweatdrop Studios, she has also published "Reya" with Markosia.

Source: Sweatdrop Studios
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