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GEN Manga Issue 7 out now

Date: 2011 December 20 13:56

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Fans of seinen manga will be pleased to hear that GEN Manga have just released GEN 7.

The on-line manga publisher distribute their monthly collection of doujinshi using a subscription model. You get to download and keep the PDF file for each issue too.

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Press release as follows:

Shounen Manga star creates new cover for GEN Manga!

GEN Manga Announces the Release of GEN 7

GEN 7 will be available nationwide Dec. 2011!

NEW YORK, NY – GEN Manga Entertainment, Inc. announces the upcoming release ofGEN 7. (GEN 7, 174 pages, black and white, 2.99) will be available Dec. 2011.

Junji Ohno made his debut at the age 19 in Weekly Shonen Magazine, and has been a regular contributor to numerous weeklies in Japan, such as Weekly Shonen Fang,Comic Bonbon, and Shonen Comic Champion. Ohno's work includes: Shiritsu Justice Gakuen (1998), Hotshot, Axel Rex, and Spider Riders. Junji Ohno is the newest edition to GEN, America's number one source for authentic doujin manga, where Junji will be making his American debut as the new cover artist.

GEN 7 will include Good-bye Geist, Alive, Sorako, Souls, KAMEN, and Wolf. Continuing to be, "America's exclusive and foremost introduction to contemporary Japanese alternative and gekiga manga." –AnimeNation

Attracting new professional artists from Japan, next month GEN 8 will also introduce a new story from an exciting new professional manga-ka. The new original story is exclusively for GEN. Readers can keep up with news and updates by following GEN on twitter, facebook, and tumblr.

The single issue of the complete story of VS Aliens, 172 pages, is also available for only .99 cents and over 900 pages of indie manga, plus extras, is available for just 2.99, in the first volume of the GEN Manga Anthology.

GEN stories are published nowhere else in the world. These stories are created by the elusive doujin creators in Tokyo's secret underground circles, otherwise known in the west as independent creators and hard core fans.

Presenting new indie manga circles from Japan, GEN, a monthly publication, will be released in the US and Japan simultaneously. Digital format and print editions for GEN are available now. Based in New York, GEN Manga Entertainment( endeavors to publish new and unseen graphic work from Japan, being in the unique position to bring readers work first, more original and untamed manga will be sure to come!

Source: GEN Manga
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