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Akira screenings at the Gate Cinema, Notting Hill - London

Date: 2012 July 15 13:20

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London based anime fans who fancy seeing Akira on the big screen should head over the Gate Picture House in Notting Hill. There will be two screenings one on Friday 20 Jul 2012 at 11pm and the other on Saturday 21 Jul 2012 at 11pm.

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Press release as follows:

AKIRA at the Gate Cinema
20 + 21 July, 11pm. 0871 902 5731 /

For many years, the Gate Cinema was the number one choice for late screenings in London - and we've decided to bring them back! Late Cinema at Gate Cinema is a regular event in which we showcase some of our favourite films, and have a little fun too. We have reduced ticket prices for the events, but do ask that everyone attending makes a voluntary donation to our collection for Plan UK.


Based on his own apocalyptic sci-fi comic strip of epic length and success, Katsuhiro Otomo's AKIRA is set in a devastated Tokyo that is slowly being rebuilt 30 years after nuclear destruction.

The inner city remains chaotic and dangerous, the scene of perpetual war between pill-popping motorbike gangs, of riots by the hungry and dispossessed. Ruled by a repressive military government, the masses are swayed by religious fanatics who predict the second coming of the legendary Akira.

But the cult is challenged by Tetsuo, a young biker who is losing control of his recently discovered telekinetic powers - powers which threaten the end of the world.

The landmark Japanese animation, set in a futuristic Neo-Tokyo, is as bold and brilliant as ever 5/5 – The Guardian

Simply put, no Akira, no Matrix. It's that important. 4/5 - Empire

It’s a towering achievement of imagination and the detail of each frame is a miracle of film artistry. 4/5 – Time Out

Source: Gate Picture House
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