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GEN Manga Issue 13 out now

Date: 2012 July 19 17:06

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The good folks from GEN Manga have just release their latest Issue GEN 13.

They continue the titles Android Angels, One Is Enough, Stones Of Power, Anomal, and Alive, plus issue 13 introduces a new title - Psycho.

GEN will be giving away a short preview version of GEN 13 for free this month.

GEN have also just released Wolf as a single tankobon for $4.99 (USD).

Full Story

GEN Manga Issue 13

Details as follows:

We are excited to announce the official release of GEN 13. Along with continuing installments of our titles ANDROID ANGELS, ONE IS ENOUGH, STONES OF POWER, ANOMAL, and ALIVE, this issue introduces the following new title:


In a post-apocalyptic future, after nuclear war has destroyed much of the world, Japan has once again closed its borders to the outside world. Again living in isolation, the Japanese people have begun to develop strange mutations. These mutations became commonly known as moryo, a name once given to the grotesque goblins of ancient Japan. These moryo at first were harmless, but they became worse, eventually developing into man-eating beasts and other monstrous forms. Hunters known as exterminators roam the land ridding humanity of these foul mutants. This is the story of one of these killers, a man known only as Psycho.

We've also got some news about GEN Manga's new publishing deal which means they'll be in Portuguese too!

Press release as follows:

GEN Manga Entertainment, Inc. Announces a New Publishing Deal

with Editora Abril for Brazil

GEN Manga is available in English, Japanese and, now, Portuguese, too!

NEW YORK, NY – GEN Manga Entertainment, Inc. announces a new publishing deal with Editora Abril for distribution in Brazil. Under the guidance of GEN Manga’s exclusive publishing and licensing agent in Brazil, Angelotti Licensing, Portuguese language versions of GEN Manga’s titles will start hitting the shelves in Brazil this summer. 

"We are thrilled to partner with Editora Abril to bring Portuguese translations of our stories to manga fans all over Brazil. We’re always doing our best to get closer to our readers and deliver what they love most in the formats they enjoy," says Robert McGuire, Editor-in-Chief of GEN Manga.

"Our worldwide publishing and licensing program is quickly expanding. It’s exciting to know our wide range of popular story genres and fun characters will now be distributed directly to manga fans via Editora Abril’s impressive distribution channels across Brazil," says Jonathan Sirota, Publisher of GEN Manga.

GEN Manga is known as, "America’s #1 source for original underground Japanese manga!" The stories are created by elusive doujincreators in Japan’s secret underground circles and are published by nobody else in the world. says GEN Manga is a "must-read primer of Japanese alternative, underground, and seinen drama manga for introspective and literate young adult readers." & "GEN is a rewarding and satisfying peek into the beating heart of contemporary Japanese manga culture, revealing creative and provocative stories from grassroots Japanese artists." (June 18th 2012)

The Editora Abril deal covers all of GEN Manga’s stories to-date, including WOLF; VS. ALIENS; KAMEN; SOULS; SORAKO, ALIVE; GOOD-BYE GEIST; LET’S EAT RAMEN; ANOMAL; STONES OF POWER; ONE IS ENOUGH; and ANDROID ANGELS.

For more information about GEN Manga’s expanding worldwide licensing program and current licensing opportunities, please contact Jonathan Sirota, Publisher at GEN MANGA via email –


Editora Abril is Brazilian leading publishing company with 60% of market share in the magazine segment. 7 out of 10 best-seller magazines in Brazil are published by Abril including the news magazine VEJA with an average weekly circulation of 1.2 million copies. It was founded in 1950 and it is part of Abril Group, a multimedia company with several business initiatives including magazine and book distribution, out-of-home, e-commerce and pay-TV.

Angelotti Licensing is a Brazilian licensing agency with more than 40 brands in their portfolio, including GEN MANGÁ, TOEI ANIMATION, VIZ MEDIA, GIOCHI PREZIOSI, MARATHON and important local brands and personalities.

Source: GEN Manga
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