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Fred and Sarah got hitched!

Date: 2004 February 16 22:58

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Today, Fred Gallagher and Sarah Wooden, better known as Piro and Seraphim of MegaTokyo have announced that they got married on New Years Eve!

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They revealed the news to the world at the Katsucon panel, where Fred first proposed to Sarah a year before.

The news was then announced to the whole world as a Dead Piro Day sketch, which read:

"Oh, by the way, regarding that sabbatical Sarah and I took back in December...

We actually got married on New Years Eve.

Just thought you might like to know."

The sketch is of Fred and Sarah with warm smiles in wedding gear holding hands.

The crew at Otaku News with the rest of Anime/MT fandom would like to wish Mr and Mrs Gallagher a belated congratulations and all the best for the future!

Source: MegaTokyo
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