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Otaku Calendar - a new site from the Otaku News Team

Date: 2012 October 14 17:02

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In the Otaku News labs we are always thinking about the best way to spread the latest news to people who love Japan.

A lot of the news we publish is about things that have a fixed date like events and releases, the sort of things that belong in a calendar. So we decided to build an Otaku Calendar, listing what's on and where to help every fan answer that nagging question:
"I'm new to fandom, what can I do in my area this month?"

Otaku Calendar is designed to be a sister site to Otaku News. We'll still cover all the stuff we normally do here, but the events will be organised differently on the Otaku Calendar.

Our ultimate (and somewhat impossible) goal is to list every event and release date of interest to otaku. In order to so we'll need volunteers to populate the calendar with events from around the world! If you're interested in helping out please get in touch by e-mail

If you've got any feedback or suggestions too, please feel free to let us know.

Source: Otaku Calendar
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