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Tachikoma Revoltech Figure - Out December 2012

Date: 2012 October 18 15:22

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At the moment we don't really cover figures much on Otaku News, but every now and again there's something you just have to shout about, we know that our review of the Perfect Piece Tachikoma proved popular, so we know a lot of our readers will be interested in the pre-orders for the Revoltech No.126 Tachikoma. The figure comes with all the articulation you'd expect from Revoltech, along with with interchangeable hands, and fun accessories like organic oil. It also includes some wheel mounts so you can speed it along re-enacting Section 9's adventures. The thing that makes this model stand apart (or stand-alone sorry, we couldn't resist the pun) is that it's magnetic! So you can also relive those wall climbing moments.

Source: J-List
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