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NEO Magazine Issue 105 out now

Date: 2012 December 06 17:18

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The good folks from Neo Magazine have sent us details of the latest issue - 105. It's out now from all good news agents.

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NEO 105 Is Out Now and Defeating Alien
Scum, Edo Style! GINTAMA: The Movie Dominates Its Cover

Neo Magazine Issue 105

The latest issue of the UK’s longest running Asian pop culture magazine goes Gintama crazy! With the movie of the sci-fi samurai franchise hitting DVD, NEO slashes its way through a mighty six-page feature of the film, accompanied by gorgeous artwork, plus a poster and review!

For anime fans, we delve into two series currently hot in Japan; see Aladdin and Ali Baba in a new light with Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, and go into the dark ages with From the New World.

Get a behind the scenes look at Britain’s biggest anime film festival; Scotland Loves Anime with an exclusive peek inside the creative minds responsible for some of the event's most exciting premiere movies, including Berserk and K-On!! There is also a heap of the latest releases reviewed, including Tales of Vesperia: The First Strike, Freezing, Berserk: The Golden Age Arc 1, Hetalia: World Series 4 and more.

Then for Asian movie fans NEO interviews South Korean director Choi Dong-hoon and actor Kim Yoon-suk about new heist flick The Thieves. Then there’s also news on Chinese martial arts epic-in-the-making The Sword of Identity, and reviews of The Flying Swords of Dragon Gate, Encounters of the Spooky Kind, Floating Weeds and quirky Korean romance Air Doll.

NEO magazine also offers Asian pop culture coverage that’s second to none. In the latest issue the team explores the UK’s cosplay scene, offers fashion tutorials for winter and gets all the juicy news, interviews and style tip from the recent MCM Comic Con. And get ready as we announce details for the NEO Awards 2012, sponsored by the MCM Comic Cons – who wins, you decide!

Plus this month’s Manga School shares the secrets of capturing rain in your artwork, NEO’s man in Japan Daniel Robson ponders the impact of the Wii U on social gaming, plus music news from Miyavi, Arashi and BIGBANG! And NEO celebrates 15 years of Hello! Project by examining its biggest act; Morning Musume! Plus we profile Osaka’s most famous female punk rock vocalist; Naoko Yamano from Shonen Knife!

All this plus loads more in the way of anime, manga, Asian film and pop culture (including four fantastic posters from; Dead or Alive 5, Tales of Versperia, Squid Girl and Gintama: The Movie!) for £4.25 from your local magazine stockist, or £2.99 direct to your mobile, PC or tablet device!

Alternatively, get it direct from NEO HQ!

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