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NHK World and JIB TV at Hyper Japan Christmas 2012

Date: 2012 December 07 16:18

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The good folks at Jib TV have sent us details of NHK Worlds recent exhibit at Hyper Japan Christmas 2012 which ran on 23rd to 25th November 2012.

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Press release as follows:

Hyper Japan Draws NHK WORLD Fans

Fans of Kawaii International

NHK WORLD TV participated in one of the UK's largest Japanese culture event for the first time. "Hyper Japan" was held in London November 23-25. It showcased a wide range of Japanese culture, including anime, manga, videogames, food, and fashion. It also included cooking workshops and fashion shows. This year, 46,000 people attended the festival.

NHK WORLD TV attracted large numbers of fans to its booth by featuring two programs, "Kawaii International" and "Itadakimasu! Dining with the Chef." It showed Blu-ray videos and distributed recipes from the cooking program at its booth and maintained a presence on Facebook and Hyper Japan's website. It also videotaped visitors in ultra-cute attire, some of whom will be shown on an episode of "Kawaii International" next year.

JIB is a subsidiary of NHK established in April 2008 for the purpose of expanding the global distribution of NHK WORLD. The company is the official distributing agent of NHK WORLD.

Source: JIB TV
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