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NHK World December 2012 Highlights

Date: 2012 December 07 17:47

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The good folks from NHK World have sent us details of their December 2012 highlights have sent us details of their December Highlights.

The works of surreal comedian Kentaro Kobayashi should be of particular interest to all!

The station broadcasts content in English and is free to access. It's available in many countries.

In the UK if you have Sky you can access NHK World on Channel 507. If you've got FreeSat you can access it on channel 209.

Failing that, you can also watch the show on-line on the NHK Website, JIB TV, or on the NHK World App on iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, etc) and Android Devices.

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Press release as follows:

Japanese Art
Traditional and Contemporary

Zen in the Japanese Garden
Dec 8 Sat 0:10 / 4:10 / 8:10 / 12:10 / 16:10 / 20:10 (UTC)
50 min.

Shunmyo Masuno is a Zen Buddhist priest and a leading designer of Japanese gardens. Effusing the Zen spirit, his gardens captivate people around the world. Join us to explore the meaning of Zen as we zoom in on his beautiful garden project in Singapore.

The Art of Humor: Kentaro Kobayashi Television
Dec 22 Sat 0:10 / 4:10 / 8:10 / 12:10 / 16:10 / 20:10 (UTC)
50 min.

Kentaro Kobayashi

Funny, intellectual, surreal... Kentaro Kobayashi, a Japan’s favorite comedian steps onto the international stage, and plays to audiences in Paris for the first time. NHK World takes you there and puts you front row centre.

Rising Artists - Kotaro Sekiguchi
Dec 23 Sun 0:10 / 4:10 / 8:10 / 12:10 / 16:10 / 20:10 (UTC)
28 min.

Kotaro Sekiguchi is an avant-garde artist, who is a winner of the Taro Okamoto Award, given to the most innovative creators. But his real profession is art teacher, at a school for special-needs children. This valuable experience drives his imagination. Come with us into the young artist’s world of creation.

Source: NHK World
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