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Evangelion Camera - Pentax Q10 Limited Edition

Date: 2013 January 29 16:02

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Otaku photographers who want to tell the world they love Neon Genesis Evangelion will be pleased to hear about the new PENTAX Q10 Evangelion model. Available in 3 colour schemes - Unit 01, Asuka and Rei. They'll be released this April 2013.

The cameras are special limited edition models, with only 1,500 of each colour scheme produced. They all have NERV branding and will only be available in Japan. We suspect they'll be perfect for photographing Evangelion cosplayers! We've covered Evangelion merchandise before and can report that this isn't the craziest product tie in.

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Press release as follows (automatically translated copy):

Digital SLR camera was realized in collaboration with Evangelion

"PENTAX Q10 Evangelion Model"
Quantity limited release special edition models of the three types of:

TYPE00: Ray First unit: TYPE01 TYPE02: Asuka

PENTAX Corporation Ricoh Imaging (President: Noboru Akahane) are: limited quantity of 1500 each set, collaborative model "PENTAX Q10 Evangelion Model" of digital SLR cameras to commemorate the release of "Evangelion Q" Three types of will be released on April 2013.

This product is a special limited edition model which has been subjected to the original color scheme, which is based on, the image of the main character of Evangelion camera "(October 2012) PENTAX Q10" our digital SLR. Symbol of the secret military agency NERV to appear in the movie along with the design at the top of the built-in flash, symbol of NERV is also displayed on the LCD monitor when you start the camera. In addition, by applying a coating that fit into the body color of the camera body carefully to lens that comes with each model, enhancing the (sense of unity) sync rate at the time of use. In addition, special products, such as adopting a specially designed boxes of cosmetic packing the camera, we are to finish the model with attention to detail.

In addition, in March to 2 days January 31, this product event "CP disseminate information of the video camera and photos of Asia's largest, which will be held at Pacifico Yokohama + special corner in the booth of Pentax Ricoh Imaging 2013 " I do the preceding exhibition. After that, we will start the show in our showroom.

Pentax Q10 Evangelion Camera
Pentax Q10 Evangelion Camera
Pentax Q10 Evangelion Camera
Pentax Q10 Evangelion Camera

Source: Pentax Japan
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