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One Piece Uncut UK DVD Release Details

Date: 2013 February 10 09:51

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Fans of pirate adventures will be pleased to hear that Manga Entertainment UK will be releasing One Piece! The first DVD release will be One Piece Collection 1 Episodes 1-26 Uncut, it's due out 27th May 2013. As it's the uncut edition they won't have any weird digital editing with Sanji's cigarettes replaced with lollipops.

You can pre-order the collections off
One Piece Collection 1 Episodes 1-26 Uncut - Release date 27th May 2013
One Piece Collection 2 Episodes 27-53 Uncut - Release date 1st July 2013
One Piece Collection 3 Episodes 54-78 Uncut - Release date 23rd September 2013
One Piece Collection 4 Episodes 79-103 Uncut - Release date 11th November 2013

Source: Manga Entertainment UK
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