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Manga Jiman Competition 2013

Date: 2013 May 30 15:02

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Artistic readers in the UK will be pleased to hear about the annual Embassy of Japan Competition Manga Jiman. The theme for 2013 is voyages of discovery.

The competition is open to all legal UK residents who are over the age of 14 by 1st January 2014.

There's a great selection of prizes to be won, including the top prize of return air tickets to Japan!

You can see previous winners on Myebook.

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Press release as follows:


The Embassy of Japan in the UK is once again launching our manga-writing competition, MANGA JIMAN 2013, with fantastic prizes up for grabs. Now in its 7th year, MANGA-JIMAN can be translated as 'having pride in manga' and the Embassy of Japan is proud to offer this opportunity to UK manga creators.

This competition is open to all UK residents aged fourteen (14)* years or over. All creations should be original and between six (6) to eight (8) A4-sized pages in length and drawn so that it reads from left to right. The manga should in some way make reference to ‘voyages of discovery'. We chose this theme because 2013 marks the 400th anniversary of the first British ship to arrive in Japan and 150 years since five samurai arrived in the UK, the first Japanese to study at university in Britain. NB Your manga does NOT specifically have to refer to these two events.

1st Prize: Two (2) return air tickets to Japan, courtesy of All Nippon Airways!**

2nd Prize: A fabulous laptop computer from Toshiba of Europe Ltd.

3rd Prize: A superb digital camera from RICOH UK Ltd

Runners-up will receive and a selection of manga publications, available in the UK from various UK manga publishers amongst others prizes.

The winners' works will also be displayed in a special MANGA JIMAN EXHIBITION at the Embassy of Japan.

Should you wish to enter, please read the full MANGA JIMAN COMPETITION 2013 RULES & REGULATIONS (pdf) and then carefully fill out and submit the official 2013 APPLICATION FORM (word doc) along with your entry by post or in person to Manga Jiman 2013 Competition, JICC, Embassy of Japan, 101-104 Piccadilly, London W1J 7JT.

Entries received after 5pm Monday, 4 November 2013 will not be deemed eligible to be judged in the competition.

Please contact with any queries about the competition.

*The competition is open to all legal residents of the United Kingdom who are, or will be, over the age of fourteen (14) by 1 January 2014.

**Terms and conditions may apply.
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See winning entries from previous years on Myebook.

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