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Patema Inverted UK Kickstarter funded in 5 hours

Date: 2014 May 07 16:08

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Once again Anime Limited have proved to be masters of the Kickstarter Campaign, by meeting their crowdfunding target for the definitive edition of Patema Inverted in 5 hours! Not 5 weeks, or even 5 days, but 5 hours! As a result, they've had to add extra rewards too.

The movie is also now out at select UK cinemas. So check out for a screening near you.

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Press release as follows:

The Kickstarter to help bring a breathtaking definitive edition of the critically acclaimed anime "Patema Inverted" was funded within a mere 5 hours! The response has been overwhelming and Andrew Partridge, President of Anime Limited has commented:

"We're thrilled to see so many UK anime fans take to Patema Inverted and show so much love for it! We love this film so much and initially took to Kickstarter to see if there really was a real desire from fans to own a definitive edition of the film. The response from fans was huge and unanimous: they did. What this Kickstarter campaign has proven is that there is a real desire for quality anime releases - be it TV shows or films. We are still working hard on this campaign with under a month to go - we're looking at adding options and tiers to really add even more value for fans. So watch this space!"

As a result, new stretch goals have been introduced offering fans the chance to pledge for one-off unique artwork by the original character designer Ryusuke Chayama and the official soundtrack! More details can be found here:

After many requests fans can now also back the project via PayPal through our newly launched shop on our Anime Limited website!

"Patema Inverted" is out now in select UK cinemas! For details on upcoming screenings please visit

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Source: Anime Limited
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