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Under The Dog Anime Project Achieves Its Funding Goal

Date: 2014 September 07 13:25

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Kickstarter project from anime director Masahiro Ando, Under The Dog, successfully achieves its Kickstarter funding. Project will be a first episode in a planned series.

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Under The Dog, an animated project from Masahiro Ando and Creative Intelligent Arts, has achieved its Kickstarter funding with days to spare. The film which the creators hope will be the first part in a series of OVA's, was looking for USD $580, 000. While in its first couple of weeks, the project struggled to break through the $200k barrier, by the last week the project broke through and achieved its funding. The final funding figure was over $878,000, making it one of the highest figures funded for an independent anime project.

Under The Dog

The project is an attempt to make an anime project without having outside production partners who would ask for compromises. With its successful funding, this marks the first time a project has been funded without government or corporate help. The project's makers hope this original film will lead to OVA's or a feature film.

Official Synopsis:

Our enemy is the light of Humanity

The year is 2025 in the city of Tokyo Bayside Special District, five years following the devastation wrought by a specially enhanced groups of terrorists at the 2020 Summer Olympics. Out of the ashes of that desolation, the UN formed a special covert branch headquartered in Tokyo Bay solely purposed with searching out and eliminating the forces responsible for the attack along with anyone even bearing a remote resemblance to them.

As a cover, the International School for Boys and Girls was established for the ongoing covert operation of discovering and recruiting gifted high school students, each with their own special abilities, and to coerce them in the service of an elite death squad. These troops are tasked with ferreting out and exterminating all individuals with powers like their own.

There is no choosing sides for these recruits and failure is not an option. Failure on the field assures not only their own, but also their loved ones' deaths. In order to assure compliance, each agent’s dearest loved ones have been secretly outfitted with a micro cranial bomb and all agent's actions and speech are closely monitored and recorded through a battle chip embedded in their brain. In the event the UN commanding officer determines an agent falls out of protocol, their loved ones immediately suffer the consequences.

Source: Under The Dog Kickstater Campaign
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